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Takeaway and junk food

Indian takeaway lunch from Maya Masala at Westfield Carousel: butter chicken, vegetable curry, chicken biryani and crispy onion bhaji. Always while I’m enjoying eating my Indian food I’m also secretly thinking about how awesome the leftovers will be the next day for breakfast. In our family it’s perfectly normal to be planning or …

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Chicken Treat Hawaiian Pack

Chicken Treat Hawaiian Pack, with a quarter chicken, chips and two pineapple rings. I always ask for a leg, which means I’ll get a thigh and drumstick – I’m always very disappointed if I’m given a breast and wing instead, which occasionally happens. I wish wish wish they’d bring back the crumbed bananas – Hawaiia…

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Salad, grease and tiramisu

Saturday morning at the shops always begins or ends with eating. This was last Saturday: First, a two salad combination from Sumo Salad – Mexican salad and falafel salad. Jac ate most of this, but I had a taste. The flavours of the Mexican salad were delicious – the cheese, sour cream and chilli beans […]

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The week’s food

It’s been a horrendous week. Too much stuff to do, not enough time to do it in. I won’t bore you with the details. Jac made a delicious saucy stir-fry at the beginning of the week. She marinated the beef in corn flour and chinese rice wine. She stir-fried it with red capsicum, mushrooms and […]

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