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More work lunches

The catching up continues. I’ve been eating some really yummy lunches lately – new dishes and new places. Tuesday (9/10): S and I tried The Walk Cafe for the first time. Its address is 97 Rokeby Road, but it’s actually located just off Rokeby, sort of down a lane – it probably has a name […]

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Hmmm, something’s kind of clony!

I wrote last month about the fratenal noodle twins of Han’s, Han’s stir fried noodle and mee goreng. But I’ve come to realise it’s actually noodle triplets quadruplets! Han’s stir fried noodle: Mee goreng: Han’s singapore noodles: Stir fried seafood fresh noodle: And, as I’ve mentioned most recently, I expe…

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Wednesday work food: fratenal noodle twins

My lunch yesterday (Wednesday): Mee Goreng (AU$8.95) at Han’s. Yes, Han’s again! I really wanted to finish the book I was reading, and Han’s is a good place to eat something-not-too-expensive and sit and read at the same time. I still want to try the rice and pork chop dish, but on Wednesday I felt […]

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