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Sausage sizzle at home

Jac fried sausages and onions and bought fresh bread rolls so that we could make our very own sausage sizzle at home for dinner. We’re big fans of fried onions and usually find that sausage sizzles are quite stingy with the onions, leaving us wishing for more. At home, Jac cooked up a big batch […]

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Sausage sizzle lunch

I came across a sausage sizzle at lunch time – $2.00 for a barbecued sausage, onions and barbecue sauce or tomato sauce in a fresh bun. Fantastic! I must confess – I bought and ate two. :) I would’ve had one with tomato sauce and one with barbecue sauce, but by the time I made […]

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Polling booth sausage sizzle

In May, Western Australians voted in a referendum on daylight saving*. We wandered over to a polling place in the morning, one of the local primary schools. As we approached, we smelled the unmistakable aroma of fried onions and and heard the sizzle of barbecue. Fantastic – this would be breakfast! According to the signs, […]

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This morning, we decided to check out a local fair. It was free to get in. It was only a small fair, but there were a few good stalls – secondhand books, cakes and biscuits, jams and preserves, curry and rice (which you could zap in a microwave there), lots of raffles and lucky dips […]

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