More memeing – ten little known facts about me

As tagged by Kalyn. Here are ten little known facts about me (it’s up to you if they are interesting!).

1. I have a special talent for peeing into specimen jars without making any mess.

2. The most public place I have done hanky panky with another person is in the middle of the crowd at The Big Day Out (1994). I believe The Breeders were on stage at the time. I really should’ve been paying attention to The Breeders (they were one of my favourite bands!) but I was 18 and hormones just got in the way. I will leave it to your imagination what hanky panky entailed. The only thing I will say is – it was more than just snogging. Heh.

3. I’ve been in the city, lying by the side of the road sick as a dog from alcohol on a Saturday night. I went to a party with my then girlfriend (the same one from No.2). I ate some pizza. I had a couple of drinks – wine or cooler or something like that. My body decided it didn’t like anything I’d drunk that night, and decided it must be expelled violently. Girlfriend and I had to catch the last bus from South Perth to Northbridge to get home to the flat I shared with my sister.

I started chucking up while we were walking to the bus. I was very stressed – spewing and dizzy and at the same time being urged by girlfriend to hurry up so we wouldn’t miss that last bus. On the bus I chucked up into a plastic bag all the way down the freeway. Unfortunately, the bag was porous. I was frightened that the driver would chuck us off the bus if he knew I was being sick, so I did it as quietly as I could. Edit: I realised later that the bus driver couldn’t have thrown us off the bus in the middle of the freeway, but I wasn’t thinking too clearly at that time.

When we reached the city and got off the bus I felt very tired all of a sudden and decided I would just sleep for a moment at the bus stop on St. George’s Terrace. I didn’t realise at the time that this was what passing out was. When I woke up, we started to walk home, but I was sick again, by the side of the street – actually, I remember exactly where this was – on William St next to the then R & I bank (now BankWest). People walked by and stared, disgusted. My girlfriend had no choice but to leave me there while she went to the 24hr McDonald’s further up the street to get me some water. After some rinsing, and finally, standing, somehow we managed to walk home. I was thankful my sister would be going to work early the next day so if I was feeling crook she wouldn’t be around to see it.

The next morning, however, I was woken up by knocking on the door around 8am. It was my mum! She was in the area to go to the chinese butcher and had brought stuff along (including her small wok!) to fry up some char kway teow for breakfast. So mum cooked, and then she, my girlfriend and I ate a most delicious breakfast. Mum had no idea at the time that my girlfriend and I were girlfriends. And she had no idea I’d been so sick the night before. I felt just fine too, no hangover!

4. I’ve posed for nude photographs, for a friend’s exhibition for university. This friend was a gay guy named Vincent, whom I’ve now lost contact with. My friend Rachel and I both posed for photographs, at a studio in ECU. All very tasteful, no legs splayed open or sex poses – just that we were nude. I was very good and didn’t look at Rachel’s body at all (she was straight, and I didn’t want it to seem like I was perving at her! Plus, I just didn’t think of her in that way). But Rachel, as it turns out checked out my boobs and lamented afterwards that she preferred mine to hers. We both went along to the exhibition without knowing which photos Vincent ended up choosing. I was a little disappointed. Out of all the photos he took, the one of me he chose to display was one featuring my hair, which covered just about everything! So much for me being a nude model. Note: my hair was around waist-length at the time, maybe a little shorter than it is now.

5. At one stage, before computers entered my life, I wanted to be a singer. I had guitar lessons for a year when I was 13, but I didn’t like the teacher so I quit and just kept playing by ear. Consequently I know only a small range of chords and can’t read music. I was a busker in the city when I was 16. I was paid by Curtin University to perform at a women’s performance/writing festival. I performed a song on stage at the Pride Fair Day back when they were held in Maylands. I wrote my own songs and also sang covers. But somehow I got into computers and work and other things and left the guitar in the cupboard. Once in a while I’ll pick it up and play a little to Jac, but I haven’t performed in public for years now. In fact, people/friends I’ve met in the past 10 or so years have no idea that I can play the guitar, let alone sing. Jac’s family, for example, have no idea. I’d love to be a wedding singer on weekends or just have someone to jam with (in a partnership that works as well as the Indigo Girls) but so far, that hasn’t been important enough for me to pursue. I must say, performing on stage is a great way to flirt with chicks. I never had any ‘willing groupies’ though, hahaha.

6. My first ambition, however, when asked by my mum at the age of three was to grow up and be a dog, just like our dog Toby.

7. I was on my high school athletics team when I was 14, as a hurdler. People who know how short I am don’t believe me when I tell them, or just find it hilarious to imagine.

8. When Jac and I still lived in North Perth, I seemed to be passing blood when doing number twos. We went to our trusted doctor who made me lay face down while he spread my bum cheeks for a closer look with a torch. He found that I had a very fine fissure (like a graze) on the inside of one of my bum cheeks (sorry, I don’t have the vocabulary to be more precise!). Jac said (she was in the examination room) “Ooooooh, can I have a look?” Doctor said “Only if she doesn’t mind”. I was feeling ridiculous with my bum cheeks being held open anyway, so I said “Whatever!” They both bent over my bum looking at the fissure, absolutely fascinated. Anyway, the fissure was easily fixed – I had to eat loads of fibre to make things um, softer to allow the fissure to heal. That doctor is still our doctor, he’s one of the nicest doctors I’ve ever met.

9. Although I like most food, I won’t eat mussels or oysters or cockles or clams. I don’t like their taste, smell or texture. The fact that they look like little vaginas to me works neither for or against their edibility.

10. Now that I have long hair (when it’s at its longest, I am even able to floss my bum with it!), I like telling people how when I was around 19 I had a shaved head. Yeah, stubbley bald. I had a bit of a fringe, sort of like Tank Girl from the original comics.

I’ve noticed there’s a lot of memeing going on around the blogs, and so rather than tag anyone, I’ll just leave it up to you if you’d like to do this one. Just let me know if you do, so I can check out your ten things.

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