Lou and Dan’s wedding, Part 3

Dessert was also buffet-style, with cheese and cracker platters, fruit platters and slices of chocolate cake and a big bowl of serve-yourself cream. I was able to sneak back to the table after everyone had been up for the first round and take this shot of a surprisingly intact fruit platter:

Fruit platter

Jac got herself a plate of cheese, crackers and fruit:

Cheese, crackers and fruit

I got us a slice of chocolate cake with cream to share. That cake was wonderfully rich and chocolatey. It was fantastic – especially the icing! But I could only manage three mouthfuls before I got a chocolate headache.

Chocolate cake with cream

I was very impressed with the Melville Glades Golf Club. The butter was of perfect softness for spreading (I hate hate hate being served hard, fridge-cold butter with bread when dining out!), and the food was really good. Everything was delicious. Our dirty plates, cutlery, glasses etc. were cleared quickly, and the whole reception (buffet, drinks when we arrived etc.) was very organised. It was a great night. Of course, the best part of the whole day (no, not the food! I’d say that was next-to-best!) was that Lou and Dan are married! Congratulations, guys!

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