DCX Weekend: Gelato Break, Ups and Downs

Oh yeah, and while we were walking around Subi on Saturday morning, Jac decided she desperately needed some dessert – two scoops from Il Gelato – on this occasion, cappucino and her favourite, wildberry yoghurt.

Two scoops of Il Gelato

We really had a great weekend. As you know, the concert was fantastic. We enjoyed our stay at the hotel – though I’m a sook and missed the cats (yes, it wasn’t even three full days – I’m so pathetic!). I think I’m starting to look older – finally – for the first time ever I wasn’t asked for ID at all when we were at the casino. It was a weird feeling. Apart from our high tea on Friday arvo and breakfast on Saturday morning, we didn’t dine out anywhere else – we brought food with us to the hotel – crackers and dip, Tasty Jacks (Roast Potato flavour), salad and a bucket of KFC. Yes. We really did. And it was bloody excellent. I was in heaven prancing around the room in my undies and/or wearing the hotel-supplied bathrobe (white hotel bathrobes always remind me of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman – of course, I look nothing like her! Hahahaaa), drinking cups of hotel-supplied English Breakfast tea, munching on cold KFC and watching the Burswood Entertainment channel on TV to “learn how to play the games at Burswood Casino” (Actually, I can’t remember a thing!).

One sad thing that happened was Jac lost the gold bracelet I gave her almost ten years ago – when I bought it I did so driven by my strong and serious feelings for her – it was the most expensive gift I’d ever bought anyone – I’d never bought anyone proper jewellery before (not even myself!). We don’t know if one of the links broke or the clasp itself came undone. We’ve left details with Burswood and the Witch’s Cauldron, but I’m pretty sure we won’t be seeing it again – we covered a lot of ground between the time Jac remembers seeing it and then noticed it was gone. I was a little upset because of the whole sentimental value thing, but I didn’t say much because I didn’t want to make things worse by carrying on like a pork chop (but I did feel secretly like a pork chop, inside).

Oh yeah, and my food-boobage-meter must need a service. As Peggi rightly pointed out, the mini cheese cakes we had at High Tea were rather boob-like in appearance. I mentioned this to Jac and she said “YEAH, the first thing I thought when I saw them was boobies!“. Hhhhhmmmm. I must’ve been distracted by pre-concert excitement. Yeah, that must be it.

I did add an edit to the concert write-up, but I’ll mention it again – I forgot to say that we, the audience, sang happy Birthday to Natalie Maines. She mentioned it was her birthday on the 14th, and some of us just began singing Happy Birthday. :)

As a post-script to our breakfast at The Witch’s Cauldron, Jac commented that she loves the food there, but the last couple of times it’s been the service that has let the place down. I think she may be right there.

And I bought one of those $30 Entertainment books at uni yesterday – so now we have plenty of excuses to dine out at new places. Let’s hope I can get a reasonably well-paying job when I’ve finished the PhD, so we can actually afford to dine out.

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