Dinner at Cambridge Forum

Last week, Jac and I went to Cambridge Forum International Food Court to have dinner with my sister Juji and her boyfriend Jay.

At Cambridge Forum there is a variety of food stalls to choose from, including Singaporean, Malaysian, Indian, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese and El Salvadorian. Juji and Jac were quite disappointed that the El Salvadorian stall wasn’t open when we were there. Juji loves pupusa and Jac was keen to try it. Never mind, a good excuse for “next time”!

Juji and Jay both ordered chicken katsu from the Japanese stall. We thought it was quite funny that the food was served on a plate resembling a banana leaf. But no complaints. The serving was generous, and the katsu delicious.

Chicken katsu

While waiting for my noodles from the Singaporean stall to be cooked, I bought myself a large curry puff.

Curry puff

Fantastic! The curry inside consisted of potato AND chicken! It’s been a while since I found anywhere that sold chicken curry puffs. It’s all usually potato and/or sweet potato and/or peas. Those are tasty too, of course, but I loooove chicken curry puffs. This was great, for only AU$2.00.

Curry puff innards

Jac had salt and pepper squid with rice. Deep fried, battered salt and pepper squid is one of her favourites. I tried a piece of the squid. The batter tasted fresh and crisp, with little bursts of spiciness from the sprinkling of pepper, a pleasant hotness from the chopped chillies, and inside, tender, pure white squid.

Salt and pepper squid

Jac also bought a serve of mixed vegies from the roast stall – I forgot to mention earlier, in case Asian-style fare is not for you, there’s a stall that sells roast dinners. And there’s a stall that serves ice creams and hot and cold drinks too. Underneath the vegies you see in the photo are cauliflower and corn kernels. They were very ordinary – I’ve had better cooked vegies. I tend to find vegies at food hall roast stalls bland and/or varying degrees of overcooked.


My char kway teow was delicious. Three plump and bursty prawns, lots of egg, Chinese sausage, fish cake and beansprouts. The noodles were sticky with sauce and egg and tasty savoury fried bits, but not clumpy, just how I like it. I guess the curry puff filled me up too much – I couldn’t finish my noodles and ended up taking the last of it home. I enjoyed the leftovers for my breakfast the next morning. The bad news though, is that the Singaporean stall is apparently closing down for good. Juji saw a sign at the stall with a message to that effect. I guess I was so excited about my curry puff and char kway teow I didn’t notice!

Char kway teow

We hope to eat at Cambridge Forum again soon. The food hall is located at 350 Cambridge Street in Wembley.

Oh! I almost forgot to mention! Juji and Jay brought along our Christmas pressies from my parents – I haven’t seen them since before we left for our holidays.

First pressie was a lovely deep baking dish. Jac is already planning all sorts of home cooked goodies (all sort of bad due to richness, cheese, cream etc, but the dish will be so perfect for them) – macaroni cheese, tuna mornay, lasagna and moussaka.

And – I am MOST excited about this one – we also got a tiffin carrier, a cute little two-tiered one! I’ll post photos soon, hopefully with either or both items in use. I think the tiffin carrier wants me to take it on a picnic. :)

Thank you so much to everyone who’s voted for me in the 2008 Bloggies, and for your lovely emails and comments! You guys continue to thrill and inspire me, just as Jac and food do! :) If you haven’t voted yet (not necessarily for me, but for whoever you like), you have until the 31st Jan and you can do so HERE!

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