NSW Holiday 2007-2008 – Day 3

Christmas Eve!

The Fig Tree Deli Cafe
271 Bondi Road, Bondi NSW

Jac and I went for a morning walk and made a breakfast stop at The Fig Tree Deli Cafe. I had a mug of English breakfast tea (AU$2.50) with soy milk on the side (AU$0.40).

English Breakfast Tea and soy milk

Jac rather liked the sound of the Fig Tree’s Famous Double Bacon and Egg Roll (AU$8.00), which she had with BBQ sauce.

Fig Tree's Famous Double Bacon and Egg Roll with BBQ Sauce

I had Fig Tree’s Big Breakfast (AU$10.00), which consisted of two rashers of bacon, eggs (I chose scrambled), tomato, mushrooms and two very thick slices of toast. According to the menu, the eggs were organic free range ones. The toast can be upgraded to Turkish or sour dough bread for an extra $2.00.

Fig Tree's Big Breakfast

The eggs were just on the edge of being overdone, but I enjoyed them all the same.

Scrambled eggs close-up

I took a few notes from the menu while eating: The Fig Tree Deli Cafe is open from 8:30AM to 4PM, and is closed Tuesdays. It’s BYO, with no corkage charge, and was winner of the Small Business Award for Best Cafe in the Eastern Suburbs 2004-2005. If I ever find myself back there, I’ll definitely try their pancakes with ice cream, cream and maple syrup (AU$10.00) with strawberries and banana (AU$14.00).

Junk food on the road

Early afternoon, Jon, Jac and I drove up to Nelson Bay (see Google Maps here for Nelson Bay’s location) to stay with our friends L and D. Some of you may remember L and D are originally from England, and stayed with us in Perth a couple of years ago. They’ve migrated from the UK to NSW and are living in Nelson Bay now. The drive from Sydney to Nelson Bay took a couple of hours, and we made a stop for a loo and food break when we about halfway there. I have no idea what the name of this place we stopped at was, but there was a petrol station, a couple of cafes and a McDonald’s there, and we didn’t hesitate to grab a late junky lunch.

McDonalds Fries

Jac tried the Crispy Chicken Filet Burger Deluxe, which has a crispy chicken filet, cheese, tomato, lettuce, bacon and a yummy mayo sauce. She rated it “not bad”.

Crispy Chicken Filet Burger Deluxe

I had my old favourite, a Filet O Fish.

Filet O Fish

Christmas Eve Dinner

It was great to see the girls (easier than writing “L and D” all the time!). We worked together to assemble the evening meal.

An assortment of nibblies:

Macadamias, crisps and pretzel sticks

Crisps (I forget what flavour, as I was more interested in the next bowl of nibbles…


…Macadamias (I think they were barbecue flavoured) – macadamias are one of my favourite nuts. It seems I have expensive taste in nuts, as my other favourite is cashews. :)


Pretzel sticks (nice and salty!)

Pretzel sticks

A platter of assorted cheeses

Cheese platter

Dips and crackers

Dips and crackers


A salad, made with L’s homegrown cherry tomatoes

Salad with homegrown cherry tomatoes

And the enormous Christmas ham, which Jon carved.

Christmas ham

Carving the ham


We ate the first of many meals outdoors, and it slowly grew darker and more difficult to take photos. This was one of the last ones I managed – the cheese platter adorned with seedless grapes. We enjoyed a relaxing evening of eating, drinking and catching up. It didn’t really feel like Christmas was the next day, even though the girls had their tree up, complete with twinkling lights and a pile of pressies underneath, and we were eating a Christmas ham. I think we’d been so caught up with getting things ready for Christmas and holidays now that we were here we needed to just chill out!

Cheese platter with further adornments

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