Friday special nasi lemak

Munch Terrace’s Friday special nasi lemak (AU$7.50) has become a weekly highlight. I was looking forward to this all week. Their coconut rice is really good, almost as good as my mum’s. :)

Nasi lemak

Clockwise from the left – fried ikan bilis (anchovies) and peanuts, chilli sambal, fried chicken wing, otak otak (what is it?), deep-fried hard-boiled egg and achar (pickled vegetables). I like everything on the plate – least favourite item is the otak otak, which I’ve found rubbery and bland. The achar is pleasantly sour-sweet, the sambal is spicy without being over-the-top hot, and the chicken wing really hits the spot for a lover of deep-fried chicken like me – I just wish there was more of it. There’s always room for more chicken, I suck those bones dry every time! The sambal goes extremely well with the deep-fried egg, actually. Sometimes they spoon the sambal partially over the egg, which is just the perfect to serve it.

We bumped into C when we arrived- she was leaving with a takeaway nasi lemak – C, did you enjoy it?

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