Monday bento – macaroni and turkey stir-fry and stuffing

Note: For those of you who asked – I’ve updated the prawn leftovers post with the recipe for the seafood cocktail sauce. Enjoy!

On the Sunday night following Christmas, I made a stir-fry dish for bento: macaroni, snow peas, cherry tomatoes, champignons, onions and cubes of Christmas turkey thigh roast, flavoured with garlic and oyster sauce.

Macaroni and turkey stir-fry

And so this was my bento lunch the next day – macaroni and turkey stir-fry, the last of Ange’s stuffing, seedless green grapes and a chocolate sandwich biscuit called a “riviera cream” – chocolate cream and raspberry jam in between two chocolate shortbread biscuits. Jac bought the riviera creams from IGA supermarket – they’re currently my favourite biscuit. Sorry, we don’t have the packet any more, so I don’t have any more information about the manufacturer. I’ll take note next time. At lunch time, I removed the white compartment containing the grapes and biscuit, then microwaved the stir-fry and stuffing. This is my kind of pasta meal – the kind you can shovel with a spoon. :)

Monday bento - macaroni and turkey stir-fry, stuffing, fruit and chocolate cream biscuit

Jac was still on holidays the week after Christmas, lucky thing!

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