Mid-week dinner date

We grabbed a quick dinner recently at the International Food Hall in East Victoria Park.

Jac ordered a small teriyaki tofu meal. We’ve found over the years that small is a good enough size for a decent feed. You do get a bowl of miso as well as the rice, salad and your choice of protein.

Teriyaki tofu

The batter on the tofu is very light. The tofu is delicious dipped in the bowl of teriyaki sauce.

Teriyaki tofu

Miso soup

I ordered a small teriyaki chicken meal.

Teriyaki chicken

I’m not so keen on the grated carrot, but I ate all the other salad. I gave my pickles to Jac – I wasn’t in the mood this time. The chicken was tender, the skin all soft and moist. Mmmm.

Teriyaki chicken

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