Desserts at Utopia, Victoria Park

Birthday dessert

After our dinner at Big Bowl Noodle House, we had a craving for something sweet. They don’t appear to serve desserts at Big Bowl. We crossed the street and went to Utopia. Jac had noticed their display of cakes and desserts earlier. She hadn’t heard of Utopia before, but I know Utopia from the store on Barrack Street in the city (the other Utopia locations are listed at the end of this post) – it’s a pretty popular bubble tea place. I’m not a fan of bubble tea myself.

We had a look at the desserts, cakes, cookies and sweet and savoury Asian-style breads on display and chose a couple of desserts from the fridge to share. We sat at the lone table inside the store by the window and dug in with plastic spoons. Jac did look at the extensive bubble tea menu but wasn’t in the mood for bubble tea on this occasion.

The tiramisu (AU$4.20) was nice – creamy, with layers of soft sponge and a good coffee flavour. We made a bit of a mess on the table with the powdered chocolate. :P


The second dessert we shared was simply called “pudding” (AU$3.50).


It was a bit strange. It was OK, but I suppose I expected it to taste like custard because it looked like custard. It didn’t have much flavour at all (the tiramisu was way tastier), and it was very firm. The swirl of cream on top was the best part of the “pudding”, because it at least felt and tasted like cream!

Pudding close-up

Despite the “pudding” strangeness, the desserts hit the spot – small and light but enough to satisfy our craving for something sweet. We went home feeling quite content.

Utopia sign

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859 Albany Highway
Victoria Park WA

Other Utopia locations
73 Barrack St, Perth
14/109 James St, Northbridge
50 Hulme Court, Myaree

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