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Saturday breakfast

We had breakfast this morning at a place called Coffee Cube, at Carousel Shopping Centre. It’s one of those little cafes in the shopping centre that’s not in an actual shop building (I’m sure there’s a proper, more elegant way to describe this sort of “open” cafe, but right now I’m too tired to think [&hell…

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Some of this week’s food, and weekend plans

It’s been yet another hectic week. I’m pleased to report I have not scratched since Tuesday when I saw the doctor, and my hands are looking much better. My thumbs were especially bad (a cross between scabby and reptilian), but they have definitely improved. There is still a great deal of healing required though, before […]

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Another week

I am sooooooo glad it’s the Easter break. It’s been a very busy and exhausting week (I guess they all are, these days). I forgot to upload and post the photo of the chocolate rice bubble slice Jac bought at the fair last weekend. It was more sugary than chocolatey – like, really REALLY sugary. […]

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