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Tuesday night dinner date

We had dinner at Sapporo last Tuesday night. We chose Sapporo since 1) we haven’t been there for a while, 2) we were in the mood for Japanese food and 3) we felt like something simple and homestyle, in a relaxed environment. Sapporo is a little restaurant, on the corner of Rutland Ave and a […]

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Dinner at The Witch’s Cauldron -The Sweet

Pattycakes loves sweets, and we encouraged her to order whichever dessert took her fancy. She ordered the banana and passionfruit crepes. They came with a plump strawberry garnish and a couple of scoops of vanilla ice cream. I had a mouthful – it was beautiful! Really REALLY sweet and passionfruity-bananary. Jac ordered the trio of […]

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