A week’s worth of work lunches

For one of the first times ever, I have photos of my work lunch for every day of the week just gone.

Monday: teriyaki fish, rice and those yummy crunchy green pickles, and a garden salad. The salad came with a wee bottle of sesame oil dressing. I loved that little bottle. I took it home. I washed it out. I’ll use it for future salad dressings.

Teriyaki fish, rice and crunchy pickles

Japanese garden salad with a wee bottle of dressing

Tuesday: a quarter BBQ chicken from Woolworth’s, bought for $2.45 (or maybe $3.45, my memory’s a little vague on that detail). I also got a small potato and egg salad from the deli counter. The chicken was fresh and moist and delicious, but the salad was bland and most disappointing. There’s no photo of the potato and egg salad. I didn’t think I needed to preserve the memory of a boring, tasteless waste of $2.99. Heheheh. P.S. that’s just the string the drumsticks were tied together with. Looks wormy, but it’s just string.

Quarter BBQ Chicken from Woolworths

Wednesday: Yaki soba from Nippon Fare, and a potato salad.

Yaki soba

Japanese potato salad

Thursday: I went to the Subiaco Pavillion fully intending to get some fried kway teow for lunch, but there was some sort of gas problem and no one was cooking noodles to order. I ended up grabbing the $5.5o combination special from the Malaysian stall that’s opposite the Japanese stall. I got rice, ayam kicap and potatoes with beans. The ayam kicap tasted like it had been cooked in tomato ketchup and was SOOOOOO GOOD. The potatoes had been cooked with chilli and had a little bite to them but were also very good.

Ayam kicap, potatoes and beans with rice

I took this photo of one of my workmates’ gozleme. This had fetta, mozzarella, spinach and capsicum in it.

Workmate's gozleme

Friday: Yaki soba (yes, again!), this time with a side of sushi – cucumber sushi and omelette sushi. It’s probably better for me to actively feed a yaki soba addiction than a Chicken McNugget addiction, right? For some reason, Friday’s yaki soba looked amazingly better than Wednesday’s yaki soba. They tasted much the same though – yummy. The chicken with Friday’s noodles came with skin on it – bonus!

Yaki soba (again!)


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