Friday bento

I wasn’t planning to pack a bento lunch last Friday, but just before I went to bed I found Jac in the kitchen cooking chicken drumsticks. “What are you doing?” I asked. “Cooking chicken for your bento,” she said. Isn’t she sweet? She flavoured the drumsticks in smokey barbecue sauce.

And so on Friday morning, I packed this for lunch: two barbecue chicken drumsticks, which I placed on a bed of finely shredded raw cabbage (we were out of salad greens, and I like eating raw cabbage when it’s sliced finely) with carrot sticks, a sliced mushroom, the last of the baby roma tomatoes, and a piece of Double Gloucester cheese. In the compartments on the right, I placed wedges of sliced fresh orange, prunes with an elephant food pick, and mini kaya (coconut jam) sandwiches. I wrapped the kaya sandwiches in greaseproof paper to protect the white bread from prune um, stains (you know how your fingers go brown with sticky prune when you hold them?) . I really enjoyed the chicken – the barbecue sauce gave it a flavour that reminded me of smoked chicken, just like this smoked chicken in a previous bento.

Friday bento

A busy weekend coming up – we’re going to the shops this morning, have an engagement party to attend tonight and I have to do my tax return tomorrow as well as the usual writing of blog posts, replying to comments/emails etc. :)

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