Work lunches – somehow, it became Burger Week

Monday – Chad, SRM and I went to Munch Terrace (Shop 6, 230 Hay St, Corner Bennett St East Perth). Chad ordered the Singapore mi fun (or bee hoon, depending on which dialect you speak). It looked pretty good to me. You can’t really see it in this photo, but there was a lot of ham in this dish – too much ham, according to Chad.

Singapore mi fun

I had the wantan noodle soup. Thin egg noodles in a big bowl of steaming hot broth with six meaty wantans and fresh, crispy choy sum, topped with a sprinkling of fragrant deep fried shallots.

Wantan mee soup

SRM had his favourite – crispy chicken rice, with something extra: a big blob of sambal.

Crispy chicken rice with a big blob of sambal

Tuesday – a rare but lovely event – I met my mum for lunch! We ate at a little cafe on Hampden Road in Nedlands where an interesting mixture of Western and Asian fare was on offer. Mum ordered the fried kway teow with beef, with a little hint of chilli. I love char kway teow that’s all dark and saucy, eggy and bean sprouty like this.

Fried kway teow with beef

I’d originally ordered the special fried chicken but was disappointed to be told they didn’t have any. I went for my second choice, the teriyaki chicken burger, served with chips. The chicken was delicious – tender and flavoursome, like it had been soaking in teriyaki marinade for a long time. The saucy chicken made the bun somewhat soggy, but the chicken was tasty and the hot chips fresh, crisp and not at all greasy. Mum shared my chips and quite enjoyed them.

Teriyaki chicken burger with chips

Wednesday – J and I grabbed lunch at 88 Royal (88a Royal St, East Perth). She had another of those chicken schnitzel burgers (AU$6.50).

Chicken schnitzel burger

The burger was bursting with crispy chicken schnitzel. Once again, although the schnitzel coating was really brown, the chicken inside was moist and tender.

Chicken schnitzel burger innards

Two layers of schnitzel – a big tasty bite.

Chicken schnitzel burger innards

Thursday – J and I went to 88 Royal again. She decided to try one of their toasted paninis this time – she chose one with chicken, cheese, avocado and tomato.

Panini with chicken, cheese, avocado and tomato

I just had to share the ooziness of the cheese with you.

Cheesy panini

Cheesy panini

J said the panini was really good. She’s looking forward to trying the different paninis they have on offer.

Oozy cheese

I just had to try a chicken schnitzel burger for myself. It exceeded all my expectations. Just look at that!

Chicken schnitzel burger

There’s fresh tomato underneath the chicken. Once again, the chicken didn’t disappoint, with its unbelievably crispy exterior and tender interior. The lightly toasted bun was warm and satisfyingly chewy. The fresh lettuce and tomato made me feel a little less guilty for eating deep fried chicken. If you’re going to eat deep fried chicken, it better be good, right? This was GREAT.

Chicken schnitzel burger innards

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