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Hainan chicken rice for dinner

On one of our busy nights, Jac grabbed me a takeaway dinner from Spencer Village International Food Hall (200 Spencer Road, Thornlie) – hainanese chicken rice from Penang Cuisine. Regular readers will know I prefer to eat takeaway meals on “real” plates rather than straight out of the plastic containers they come in. So here [&hel…

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Three meals from Spencer Village

LunchWhen I have a hainan chicken rice craving, I usually have Penang Cuisine’s chicken rice. On this occasion I decided to give the Straits Cuisine stall’s hainan chicken rice a go. The verdict? Not bad at all! The rice wasn’t as garlicky as Penang Cuisine’s (I love really garlicky chicken rice!), but it had a […]

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Spencer Village dinner and takeaway

On the Friday night Jac flew out to NSW (that’s two Fridays ago), we had dinner at Spencer Village (Spencer Road Shopping Centre, Thornlie). I’m always happy to eat at Spencer’s, but I was especially pleased – I could grab some extra food takeaway to eat on the weekend, saving me time cooking. Jac wanted […]

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