Wong Hawker’s Food, Bentley

We’ve been regulars at Wong Hawker’s Food for years and I’ve recommended it to countless people in that time. I realised recently I haven’t actually blogged about Wong’s before – I think that’s because we usually order takeaway, and food in takeaway containers isn’t particularly photogenic. We do dine in occasionally, and in fact, our most recent meal there (which triggered this post) was a Saturday lunch with my sister Juji and her hubby Jay.

So anyway, Wong’s is one of my favourite places for Malaysian/Singaporean food. They’re open from 11am to 9pm every day except Sunday and public holidays, located in Bentley Plaza shopping centre on Albany Highway. Being a shopping centre, there’s usually plenty of free parking. Bentley Plaza is also home to one of my favourite kebab shops, Black Sea.

So – at our recent Wong’s lunch, Jay and I ordered the Hainanese chicken rice. My number one place for this dish is still Tak Chee House in Northbridge, but Wong’s is a reliable rendition that satisfies a chicken rice craving, and for us, much more conveniently located – a short drive rather instead of a train ride into town. The rice and broth are flavoursome and you get a decent amount of chicken.

Juji ordered a blackboard special, nasi kuning (yellow rice, flavoured/coloured with turmeric), which was served with a stick of beef satay, a fried chicken wing, half a hard-boiled egg, chilli sambal and sliced cucumber. The chicken wings are coated in a seasoned batter and are pretty damn tasty – we often get a couple with our takeaway dinner order.

Jac recently discovered the very hearty seafood (fish, prawns and squid) tom yum mai fun (thin rice noodles) soup.

We shared a serving of loh bak (five spice pork roll, in crispy fried tofu skin)

Sometimes, there are sweet and savoury snacks for sale at the front counter – Juji and Jay loaded up on fried anchovies and peanuts, kuih, and pandan chiffon cake.

The rest of the pictures in this post are from previous meals at Wong’s… This is the kway teow soup with chicken, prawns and fish cake. When we first started coming to Wong’s, I’d order the dish as is. It’s one of my regular orders, and since developing my crustacean allergy, I get it without the prawns.

Sambal kang kung is a regular blackboard special. It’s a generous serving, intensely stinky from the sambal, just as it should be. This is one of the best tastes of (Malaysian) home, I reckon.

Char siu wantan mee (dry style) is one of my favourite hawker dishes, and I quite like Wong’s version. Their nasi lemak is on our regular rotation too – the coconut rice comes with the usual trimmings of ikan bilis, sambal, fried peanuts, cucumber and boiled egg, and also comes with a piece of fried fish and a fried chicken wing.

And just to prove my point from the first paragraph, we had takeaway from Wong’s again last night – kway teow soup with chicken and fish cake for me, tom yum soup for Jac, and a couple of fried chicken wings between us. Unphotogenic in plastic containers as usual (the wings in a brown paper bag), but delicious and comforting as always.

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