Zoe’s 7th birthday party

My nieces and nephew are growing up so fast. We recently celebrated Zoe’s 7th birthday with afternoon tea with our family and friends.

DSCF3992My sister-in-law/Zoe’s mum Angela was busy rolling out dough and making pizzas when we arrived.

DSCF4031The party food included the homemade ham and pineapple pizza, honey joys, fruit platter (arranged by Zoe’s big sister Ruby) and mini savoury muffins.

DSCF4014Jac made mini toasts topped with smoked salmon, with marscapone, fresh dill and lemon zest.

DSCF3832The kids were soon engrossed in painting their own tiger masks.





DSCF3858This tiger growled and told me it was hungry for a baked Camembert cheese.

DSCF4059My tummy growled back, as a bubbling hot cheese with garlic and rosemary appeared on the table…

My eldest sister’s baked Camembert is based on Jamie Oliver’s ‘Beautiful Baked Camembert’ recipe, but she leaves out the nutty cranberry crumbles and doubles the garlic.

DSCF3867-2I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase ‘like flies to honey’ – for our family you could say it’s ‘like Chews to a baked Camembert’.

DSCF3902My brother has made balloon animals at just about every birthday party but the kids never tire of them. The most popular items are balloon dogs and flowers.

DSCF4072Zoe transformed her balloon dog into a balloon tiger.

DSCF3877For Caleb and cousin Nate, it was time to move some sand.

DSCF3930In the kitchen, serious business! The construction of a meringue tower, specially requests by the birthday girl. Zoe was in charge, with her mum, Ruby and Auntie Juji providing encouragement and assistance.

DSCF3932 Splodges of yoghurt were the glue that held the meringue layers together.

DSCF3941-2The final embellishments – blueberries and splashes of raspberry coulis.

DSCF3943“What do you think, Zoe?”

DSCF3958My brother/Zoe’s dad helped to carefully transfer the tower from the kitchen to the patio table, then lit the seven candles.

DSCF3962Enjoying the birthday magic.

DSCF3976-2Ruby, Nate and Zoe: May I have extra yoghurt and berries please?

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