Sunday roast pork lunch

Mothers Day lunch with Jac’s family. Jac’s brother did a sensational job with the roasted pork belly and vegetables (potatoes, carrot, onion, pumpkin, fennel, green beans), with apple sauce and gravy for those who wanted it. The pork was pull-apart tender and juicy. I deliberately chose pieces that had a layer of soft, melting, flavoursome fat, and I saved my share of the crackling to savour slowly, the precious last thing on my plate. Incidentally, I do the same with chicken, always saving the skin to the end.

Dessert was trifle, made by Jac and me – just your basic old-fashioned trifle, pre-the twists and embellishments of the celebrity chef era – ours comprised jam swiss roll with a touch of sweet sherry, tinned fruit salad, vanilla custard, whipped cream and raspberry jelly. After our savoury hot Sunday roast, we really enjoyed the trifle, although the family declared more sherry next time, please!

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