Family Christmas 2015

We had our family Christmas picnic a couple of weekends ago. It’s the third year in a row we’ve had a brunch picnic by the river for Christmas and I think it’s becoming a family tradition. Each year, we’ve held it somewhere different. 2013 was Hinds Reserve, Bayswater; 2014 was Sandy Beach Reserve, Bassendean; this year, Shelley Rossmoyne Foreshore Park. We set up our trestle tables and fold-up chairs in a shady spot close to the shore, easy access for the kayaks. The weekend before, we had storms and rain; for our picnic, we got lucky with a cloudy breezy day.

Baked hamMy eldest sister woke up at 4am to bake the ham, which she brought to the picnic in its oven tray covered with tin foil. It was still warm when she unveiled it.

DSCF2405We pulled the cloves out of the ham before slicing. Mum and I hunted around for slices with sticky, fatty skin; my brother and I dipped our slices of ham into the pan juices before eating.

Sweet potato and chickpea salad My sister-in-law made a delicious warm sweet potato and chickpea salad.

DSCF2413We also had a spinach and tomato salad topped with parmesan freshly shaved by my brother, bread, and lots of fresh fruit – strawberries, peaches, seedless grapes, pineapple and cherries. We had fruit left over which Jac blended and froze – she used it to make punch the following weekend.

Eating noodlesFamily brunch wouldn’t be complete without something Chinese/Malaysian. My mum brought a pot of ‘long life noodles’ with pork, fish cake and mushrooms.

My ham and pineapple roll with honey mustardI made myself a ham and pineapple roll slathered with honey mustard. Looks like a product placement shot but it’s not! Bundaberg ginger beer’s long been a family favourite.

Tough conditions at the cricket pitch today... Tough cricketing conditions today, with Ruby crawling across the pitch, Zoe emptying the bucket of balls because she felt like it and the photographer doing a poor job as wicket keeper… Alternative caption: I’m not sure where silly mid-off is but I think I’ve spotted silly!

And they're off!The kids were eager to get out on the water.

The only way to travel The only way to travel!

Last shot of HogwartsRuby and Zoe got to work building Hogwarts on the shore. The eucalyptus gum twigs represent the Forbidden Forest, and to the left is the Quidditch Pitch. The girls love books and are reading the Harry Potter series now. The Chronicles of Narnia may be next.

Mia Juji and Jay’s dog Mia had a great day out.

Zoe with Paco and Pepi Zoe with Paco and Pepi

The tiramisu crepe cake Juji made a tiramisu crepe cake for dessert. She got the recipe from Tasting Table. She told me it’s pretty easy to make, as long as you’re comfortable with making the crepes.

DSCF2605Ruby counted 22 crepes. The recipe uses almost a kilogram of marscapone – just as well we only had a slice each.

Caleb totally engrossed in  one of his Christmas presents -  an Awesomely Disgusting kit complete with plastic cockroach, spiders and dog poo (his favourite) , jokes and gross facts.  A perfect gift for a little boy! Caleb engrossed in one of his Christmas presents – an Awesomely Disgusting kit complete with plastic creepy crawlies and fake dog poo (his favourite), yucky jokes and gross facts. Watch out, everyone!

Shelley Rossmoyne Foreshore Park

  • On the foreshore of the Canning River.
  • Facilities include toilets, playground, barbecue and gazebo.
  • It’s a dog-friendly park.

Happy Christmas!

Hope you have a happy Christmas. Jac and I are working Monday to Wednesday this week and will hit the road on Christmas eve – we’ll be down south for Christmas this year. Jac’s mum will be staying at our house and looking after the cats. The best way to get holiday updates during this time will be via Instagram and Facebook.

Thanks so much for reading. What’s on your Christmas menu?

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