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Picnic food

Jac went on a picnic with her niece and nephew and her mum Pattycakes recently. Jac told them she’d bring all the food, and she had great fun preparing and packing it. She packed a container full of protein – homemade beef meatballs, chicken chipolatas, sliced ham and hard-boiled eggs, with a small container of […]

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A picnic by the river

On a recent fine and sunny weekend, Jac and I decided to go for a walk and have a picnic by the river. We packed picnic things, food and ice packs in our very daggy but useful insulated shopping trolley and off we went. So here’s the picnic spread. From the left: Jarlsberg Light slices, […]

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Weekend food

Now that the weekend has come I thought I’d better hurry up and tell you guys about last weekend’s food before I start working on this week’s photos. Jac spent Saturday with her mum and her niece and nephew. She packed up a picnic lunch – a thermos of coffee for mum and herself, raspberry […]

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