Picnic food

Jac went on a picnic with her niece and nephew and her mum Pattycakes recently. Jac told them she’d bring all the food, and she had great fun preparing and packing it.

She packed a container full of protein – homemade beef meatballs, chicken chipolatas, sliced ham and hard-boiled eggs, with a small container of tomato sauce for dipping the meatballs and chipolatas (the kids especially love eating sausages with tomato sauce).

Picnic food - protein selection

Of course, Jac packed a balanced picnic lunch! She filled a container with fresh vegetables (carrot sticks, celery sticks, red capsicum, green beans, cucumber, grape tomatoes) and green seedless grapes. She packed the meat container and vegetable/fruit container into an esky with ice so everything would stay nice and cool and fresh during the drive to Whiteman Park.

Picnic food - vegetables and grapes

Here’s the rest of the picnic booty ready to be loaded into the car: a container filled with ANZAC biscuits, chocolate Tiny Teddy biscuits and a selection of chocolates; bread and butter (crusts cut off the bread); a block of Tassie Trio cheese; packets of salad dressing and sachets of McDonald’s BBQ sauce (leftover from McDonald’s McNuggets); mixed nuts; soft jelly lollies; a selection of cups, bowls, plates, napkins, KFC moist towelettes; a picnic blanket and an old sarong (used as a second picnic blanket).

Jac's picnic stuff

I didn’t go along this time – I had computer problems to deal with, and since weekends are the only time I get to deal with stuff like that, I stayed home. Jac did leave me some meatballs, ham, sausage, egg and salad to eat for my lunch while she was out picnicking. :D

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