Weekend food

Now that the weekend has come I thought I’d better hurry up and tell you guys about last weekend’s food before I start working on this week’s photos.

Jac spent Saturday with her mum and her niece and nephew. She packed up a picnic lunch – a thermos of coffee for mum and herself, raspberry cordial for the kids, a cold barbecue chicken, garden salad, fresh fruit and this selection of cold meats (polony -presumably that’s our version of “baloney”, ham) and cheese (Jarlsberg Light, Mersey Valley and cheddar).

Cold meats and cheese

I wasn’t in the mood to socialise. So what did I do while Jac was out? Worked on the blog, of course! :)

When Jac came home late afternoon she got ready for hockey and left soon after. I raided the picnic leftovers and assembled this plate for my dinner: barbecue chicken, stuffing, ham, swiss cheese, hard-boiled egg and salad. I was very smug when my suspicion proved correct – that Jac’s mum and the kids would’ve concentrated on white meat rather than dark – they left a drumstick and some very succulent thigh meat behind. And they pretty much left all the stuffing behind too. Mwahahahahahaha!

Dinner of leftovers

On Sunday morning we made breakfast -Jac fried the bacon and tomatoes, and I scrambled the eggs.

Bacon, scrambled eggs and tomato

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