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Family dinner

My sister and her hubby came to visit from Sydney – which meant FAMILY FEAST! We all got together at my parents’ home for some serious eating. Mum made a hantu curry with pork belly and green beans. You are supposed to use snake beans in this dish, but the snake beans were really expensive […]

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August birthday family feast

I can’t believe I forgot to post this! :-O That same day, before our fabulous birthday feast of finger foods, Jac and I attended breakfast at my parents’ home to celebrate my Mum’s birthday! Yes, it was a big day of eating! :D We didn’t need lunch that day! When Jac and I walked in, […]

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A birthday feast of finger foods

Fans of family feasts, you guys will LOVE this post! We celebrated Jac’s mum Pattycakes’ birthday last month with a feast of finger foods. Jac and I contributed to the feast, but most items were prepared by Kelsie, Jac’s sister-in-law, and she did an amazing job. Kels, if you’re reading this and I’ve gotten any [&helli…

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