August birthday family feast

I can’t believe I forgot to post this! :-O That same day, before our fabulous birthday feast of finger foods, Jac and I attended breakfast at my parents’ home to celebrate my Mum’s birthday! Yes, it was a big day of eating! :D We didn’t need lunch that day!

When Jac and I walked in, this is what we saw first of all: two plates like this, loaded with shiny beautiful danish.

A plate of danish

Danish close-up

I had a plum and custard danish, and it was lovely!

Danish close-up

There were sausages…




…and tomatoes.


Mum and Dad’s friends M and A brought along a freshly home-baked loaf of bread.


There was a tray of bacon that I couldn’t take my eyes off!


But my favourite dish was Juji’s home-cooked baked beans, made with cannelini beans and bacon. I would’ve loved to have snuck away with this pot and eaten the baked beans all by myself!

Juji's home-cooked baked beans

My contribution to the meal was a batch of scrambled eggs, just like I cooked at Christmas breakfast in 2008. I brought two dozen eggs with me to my folks’ house that morning and scrambled them in Mum’s electric wok.

Scrambled eggs

Oh, and there was a plate of smoked salmon too. It was probably a good thing I don’t like smoked salmon – more for everyone else! :-P

Smoked salmon

Cooking the eggs in the wok saved on using a serving dish – I just turned the heat off and served it as it was!


This was my plate, round one. I did go back for more of those fantastic baked beans. I often end up arranging food on my plate so it sort of resembles a face. Wonder why?

My plate

After all the breakfast dishes had been cleared, the birthday cake was revealed – one of my auntie’s fantastic durian cream cakes! Mum brought out her fancy birthday candles – I call them magic candles – the flames are supposed to burn different colours that match the colours of the candles themselves.

Magic candles on durian cream cake

Durian cake, cut

The sponge was so light and soft, and there were pieces of real durian in the cream – see the bit of durian peeking out of the cream in this photo?

My slice of durian cream cake

The cream was luscious – I loved the cake, but I loved the cream even more, with all the bits of real durian. And of course, cream being cream… I love cream.

My slice of durian cream cake

After cake, it was time for fruit – apples and mandarins…

Apples and mandarins

…and fresh pineapple and strawberries.

Pineapple and strawberries

We “kids” bought mum a Scanpan set of two pans, which she was very excited about. But she was just as excited to unwrap this gift from her friends: a big block of white chocolate, her favourite kind of chocolate! I think my favourite chocolate would be milk chocolate with hazelnuts.

Mum's white chocolate

It was a great breakfast! I think little Ruby’s Teddy approved as well. That’s Ruby standing to the right in the photo, in her shiny shoes. Teddy wore a clip in his ear and a ribbon around his neck (Ruby dressed him up for the special occasion). :D

Ruby's teddy

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