Hainan chicken rice for dinner

On one of our busy nights, Jac grabbed me a takeaway dinner from Spencer Village International Food Hall (200 Spencer Road, Thornlie) – hainanese chicken rice from Penang Cuisine. Regular readers will know I prefer to eat takeaway meals on “real” plates rather than straight out of the plastic containers they come in. So here is the chicken rice on my dinner plate. I always enjoy this chicken rice. The rice is very garlicky and unbelievably tasty. I could eat a meal of just the chicken rice, without chicken, and I would still enjoy it.

Hainan chicken rice

If you buy chicken rice takeaway, they won’t actually give you the chicken broth unless you ask for it and pay an extra $1. Jac knows how much I love the chicken broth (and how I’d feel the meal was incomplete without it – I’m sure the chicken rice lovers among you would feel the same way), so she always remembers to get me the chicken broth.

Chicken rice - the broth

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