Another last day at work – saying goodbye with cake

I would’ve done some baking and brought in mini muffins or similar for my last day of work on the 30th of July, but with my muffin pans all packed up along with half the kitchen and the rest of my baking gear, it was just easier to buy something. Jac offered to pick up a couple of cakes for me the day before (I’d specified one must be chocolatey for the chocaholics I worked with and told her to surprise me with the second cake). She rang me all panicky late afternoon – she’d gone to the Cheesecake Shop to get a chocolate mudcake and something else, but the shop wasn’t there anymore! She drove around and ended up at Thornlie, where she bought a couple of cakes from a bakery called Heaven in a Box. The cakes she bought sounded great to me on the phone, and I had to tell her the Cheesecake Shop had moved sometime ago – from one side of Albany Highway to the other! Poor Jac – as she wasn’t aware the Cheesecake Shop had moved, it never occurred to her to look on the opposite side of the street! :)

So this was the chocolate mud cake.

Chocolate cake

The chocolate icing looked so glossy. I wanted to bite into it right then and there.

Chocolate cake - closer

The second cake was an English toffee teacake. I don’t mind teacake when I’m in the mood for it. This one smelled very good indeed, of apples and sugar and a sweet caramelly kind of flavour (which I guess was the “toffee”).

English toffee teacake

I cut the cakes at morning tea time and invited my workmates to come along for a piece of cake. Or one piece of each cake, as it turned out, for quite a few people! As it turned out, the teacake was the big winner – I ended up taking home a tiny piece of it for Jac to try – the rest was all eagerly devoured at work.

English toffee teacake - closer

The chocolate cake was fantastic. It tasted more chocolatey than sugary, the icing was thick and chewy, and the cake was moist but not too crumbly. It was the kind that stuck to your teeth and the roof of your mouth and flooded your tastebuds with CHOCOLATE. It was the kind of cake that goes perfectly with a cold glass of milk. The white chocolate buttons held a strange attraction for a couple of the IT guys :). I took home a quarter of the chocolate cake, out of which Jac had a piece and I enjoyed two.

Chocolate cake - innards

Heaven in a Box is located at Shop 2, 202 Spencer Road in Thornlie. It’s in the same shopping complex as our favourite asian food hall, Spencer Village International Food Hall! :-D I’m glad Jac didn’t find the Cheesecake Shop after all – nothing against the Cheesecake Shop, but I reckon it’s good that we got to try another bakery! And having tasted these cakes, I’d definitely buy from Heaven in a Box again.

Moving update
We’re doing the bulk of our moving over this weekend. Saturday will be the busiest day. I’m hoping to squeeze in some computer / blogging time Sunday evening. The next time I blog, it should be from the new house. I hope to respond properly to your comments and emails then as well. :)

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