Spencer Village dinner and takeaway

On the Friday night Jac flew out to NSW (that’s two Fridays ago), we had dinner at Spencer Village (Spencer Road Shopping Centre, Thornlie). I’m always happy to eat at Spencer’s, but I was especially pleased – I could grab some extra food takeaway to eat on the weekend, saving me time cooking.

Jac wanted something quite light. She ordered kway teow soup from Penang Cuisine. In the tasty broth with the kway teow were prawns, fish balls, sliced fish cake, choy sum, bean sprouts and shredded chicken.

Kway teow soup

I ordered Penang fried bee hoon. The thin rice noodles were stir-fried with chicken, beef, prawns, bean sprouts and cabbage, and served topped with a sprinkling of chopped spring onions and deep-fried shallots. The fried bee hoon was delicious, with a lovely wok hei flavour.

Penang fried bee hoon

I bought two dishes takeaway, and ate the first one, char kway teow, for brunch on Saturday. The photo below shows half the char kway teow, which I reheated and ate from a bowl.

Char kway teow

I also got hainan chicken rice, which I ate on Sunday.

Hainan chicken rice

Regular readers will know that I prefer to eat food from real plates with real cutlery, so I re-plated the chicken rice, reheated and tucked in. I just love the chickeny, garlicky rice. I poured soy sauce over the top of the chicken and rice, and it was heavenly.

Hainan chicken rice

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