Celery salt chicken, baked beans and corn, panfried tomato

Jac goes away I often joke about buying disposable plates and cutlery so I won’t have to wash any dishes, and I say I’ll live exclusively on takeaway and home delivery food. But I do cook for myself every now and then when Jac is away.

This was Sunday dinner on the weekend Jac flew out. I rubbed boneless skinless chicken thighs with celery salt and black pepper, then panfried them so they had a bit of a crispy golden-brown crust on them. I served the chicken with panfried tomatoes and with baked beans and corn kernels.

Celery salt chicken, baked beans and corn, panfried tomato

I’d dug around the vegetable crisper in the fridge and came up with an assortment of tomatoes – roma tomatoes and grape tomatoes. I sliced them in half and panfried them in the same pan as the chicken, letting them cook in some of the chicken oil and juices. I served the hot tomatoes with freshly cracked black pepper. I really enjoyed this meal. Yes, I realise there were no greens. That will happen from time to time. :)

Close-up of panfried tomato

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