Basil Leaves takeaway

Workmate J and I offered to pick up takeaway lunch from Basil Leaves for whoever in the team fancied Thai for lunch. All meals were AU$10.50 each.

J and R both got the green curry chicken and rice. J had enjoyed the green curry so much at our lunch the week before that she was keen to repeat the experience; R is a big fan of green curry. They were both thrilled that the curry and rice had been packed into separate adjoined compartments, so they could control the curry distribution as they ate.

Thai green chicken curry and rice

Our boss had one of her favourite dishes – pad thai. She’s eaten many a pad thai in her time, and said this one was very good indeed.

Pad Thai

Following the success of the ginger chicken and rice the week before, I ordered ginger fish and rice.

Ginger fish and rice

The fish was deep-fried and served in a ginger and chilli sauce with red capsicum, green Chinese vegetable and cooked wedges of fresh tomato. The sauce tasted fresh and gingery with a touch of sweetness from the tomato and a nice bite from the chilli. It was a fantastic dish, even better than the chicken the week before. I’ll definitely have this again.

Ginger fish close-up

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