Cheese and salami pretzoo

This was a savoury snack Jac brought home recently – a cheese and salami pretzel (AU$4.30), from a new pretzel place called Pretzoos. When you select your hot savoury pretzoo, you will be given the choice of having it brushed with melted butter or garlic butter. Jac chose butter on this occasion. It was really chewy and delicious. According to Jac there are other savoury flavours such as cheese, and cheese and chilli, as well as sweet versions like cinammon and sugar (like a donut pretzel I suppose).

Cheese and salami pretzoo

It’s been a slow and tired Sunday (as opposed to a lazy Sunday). We attended Lou and Dan’s wedding yesterday (see photos from Lou’s hen’s night here and here), which was lovely (that post is hopefully coming up shortly).

As I type this, Jac is in the middle of a big Sunday cook-up. She’s made a big pot of chicken rice porridge which I think will be tonight’s dinner (wooo-hoooooo!), and she’s frying up some shredded cooked roast chicken with onion, garlic and cubed vegies for making fried rice. A little earlier, she fried up a batch of finely chopped garlic for sprinkling over the top of the rice porridge too. I just cannot convey in words how good the house smells right now. My tummy is growling impatiently.

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