Saturday morning

We had to do some grocery shopping this morning. Jac was planning to fry up some bacon and eggs for breakfast before we went, but she had a sleep-in instead (which was fine – while she slept, I exercised). By the time she got up I was getting into the shower, and it was late morning – we really had to get moving. We made fresh fruit juice in the juicer (apples and rockmelon mostly), and decided to grab some food at the shopping centre.

Jac got a supreme pizza from the pizza place at the food hall (I must remember to get the name of the place – I can’t keep calling it “the pizza place”!). It had ham, pepperoni, capsicum, onion, mushrooms and pineapple on it. Jac said it was very tasty.

Supreme pizza

I felt like McDonald’s. I got a McChicken Value Meal. The fries look like crap in the photo, but they tasted pretty good, surprisingly. How long have they been putting the burgers in those boxes? No more paper wrappers or burger collars, eh? I reckon along with the boxes, McDonald’s has sneaked in some burger shrinkage too. It was still tasty though. For some reason, the bun looked especially pleasing, plump and round today.

McChicken  McChicken and Fries

Jac couldn’t finish her pizza, and we took it home in the McChicken’s cardboard box. It might be nice for breakfast tomorrow morning.

Supreme pizza in the McChicken box

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