Takeaway dinner for Jac

On Tuesday, I picked up some takeaway dinner for Jac on my way home from work, from Poppo Korean Japanese Restaurant on Barrack Street in the city. We haven’t really eaten much Korean food – a few years ago we ate at Arirang Korean Barbecue Restaurant, also on Barrack Street, and that’s really about it. I walk past Poppo regularly and decided to give it a go this time (well, decided on Jac’s behalf). I got her a couple of different dishes as I wasn’t sure exactly what she’d feel like. First, a chicken salad – boiled chicken with salad and dressing, topped with nuts – I think they were peanuts, but I’m not sure.

Chicken salad

I also got Jac beef bulkogi with rice. It came in a dual compartment takeaway container.

Beef Bulkogi and rice

Jac ate the chicken salad for dinner and had the bulkogi the next day for her lunch at work – she sent me a text message, which I will share with you now: “Beef lovely. HORROR garlic burps! Love ya”. :)

Beef Bulkogi

Oh yes, the bulkogi came with a small container of kimchi. Jac liked the pickled vegetables, but she said the chilli blew her socks off.


And what did I have for dinner, if I got Jac some Korean food? Erm, I must confess I had McDonald’s. Yes, I’m very bad.

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