Perth Royal Show 2007, Part 6

Here’s the big Coke Can I was talking about earlier.

Big Coke Can

This lemonade stand got a good run when the sun came out. Jac bought a cup – she thought it was refreshing but perhaps less sugary, more lemony.

Lemonade stand

Here’s the Lamb Van – we didn’t actually buy anything from the van this year. But there were plenty of punters gnawing on those ginormous lamb shanks and tucking into chips and gravy.

The Lamb Van

This Chocolate Teddy Bear Castle was part of the Whistler chocolate stall. They had a competition going in which you had to count the number of teddy bears featured in the display. There were teddy bears in, on and around the castle.

Teddy Bear Castle

I liked the look of those little fruit thingies around the turret.

Teddy Bear Castle closer view

This was a most impressive prize-winning example of needlepoint.

Pride and Prejudice needlework

Jac was most interested in these ciders, especially the one with “scrumpy” on the label. She loves Scrumpy Jacks cider and is a fan of scrumpiness in general (not sure what scrumpy means? Google is your friend).


Jac was keen to see the Pixie Chicks perform. They are apparently Australia’s youngest all-girl rock band. They were pretty good – the guitar solos were very impressive, and Jac rather liked the look of the electric drumkit.

Pixie Chicks  Pixie Chicks
Pixie Chicks  Pixie Chicks

In another animal pavilion, we met a big… buffalo? He had a large hump.

My hump

I listened to this man talking about this owl. “Good luck with that,” he said as a few of us whipped out our cameras. “You’ll be lucky if he stays still long enough!”

Man and owl

We made our way to the Woolworth’s Pavilion and managed to catch the end of a cooking demo.

Cooking demo

For someone with a short attention span and a hearty appetite, the end of a cooking demo is the best time to make an appearance, because that’s when all the free samples are passed around. Woo-hoo! We got to try sundried tomato and basil chicken on cous cous.

Sundried tomato and basil chicken on cous cous

No sooner had we eaten that, more samples came our way – the same chicken, but wrapped in a fresh basil leaf. The fresh basil was very nice, actually.

Sundried tomato and basil chicken served wrapped in a fresh basil leaf

We’d paid $8 and got our Follow the Yellow Brick Road bag, which contained an orange, a red apple, pear, carrot, kiwifruit, banana, a fruit and nut pack, a Golden Eggs fridge magnet, a shower timer and an Olives WA recipe card. And of course, with the $8 came various *free* samples available throughout the Pavilion. Many were the same as the previous year – such as this barbecued mushroom:

Barbecued mushroom

We also had a strawberry:

Fresh strawberry

And the ever-popular sausage on a stick:

Sausage on a stick

Freshly cooked, it dripped grease and had to be eaten carefully to avoid tongue burning injuries.

Sausage on a stick

The free sausages on a stick were mini sausages – full-sized snags on sticks were available for purchase in the Pavilion.

Sausages on sticks

We also got to try some yummy passionfruit yoghurt, which went down very well after the salty sausage.

Passionfruit yoghurt

This choc-dusted banana was sooo sweet.

Choc-dusted banana

There were meat packs for sale as well – though I can’t imagine many people would want to lug home a big roast on the train.


We also got a free girl guide cookie. There were other freebies, including Goulburn Valley ice cold milk chocolate, strawberry or iced coffee flavoured milk drink and Harvey Fresh orange juice.

Girl Guide Cookie

And back outside, a Big Orange and The Eating House.

Big orange  The Eating House

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