Bento – hard-boiled egg and salad with French toast and J’s panini

For lunch last Wednesday, I packed myself a hard-boiled egg and salad (spinach leaves, cucumber, mushrooms, red capsicum, and blanched green beans), with a rolled-up slice of Jarlsberg Light cheese, sliced sweet gherkin pickles and a few semi-dried tomatoes. I also made French toast squares, and packed a little bottle of maple syrup to go with them. The bottle is from the apple sauce bottle set designed by Shinzi Katoh. By the way – a couple of you guys have expressed disappointment I didn’t use my boiled egg shapers when on my recent hard-boiled eggs. The thing is, Jac boiled the eggs for me, and she finds faces on eggs creepy – she doesn’t like using the egg shapers. :)

Bento - hard-boiled egg, salad and French toast

It’s very easy to make the French toast squares; I used a couple of slices of bread, cut into squares. I dipped them into a mixture of beaten egg, soy milk and a tiny bit of brown sugar. I made sure all the squares were thoroughly coated in the egg mix before frying them in a pan, in a little butter.

French toast - close-up

As I ate my lunch, this is what my workmate J had – a panini from Stuzzico, the place we got pizza from recently.

Salami, cheese, mushroom and eggplant panini

Stuzzico has a selection of panini available each day for lunch – when you order it, they toast it for you so the bread is crisp and warm, and the cheese inside is melted and gooey. J’s panini was filled with salami, cheese, mushrooms and eggplant. It smelled great, kind of like fried bread. I’ll have to try one of these myself one of these days.

Salami, mushroom, cheese and eggplant panini - innards

Today’s top temperature is 40C, ugh.

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