Every year for her birthday morning tea, my workmate B brings in a box full of cannoli from Corica Pastries for everyone in our team. I’ve been working with B for over 3 years now and the birthday cannoli is something I really look forward to. I only eat cannoli once a year – at B’s birthday morning tea – and every year it is simply magnificent! Thank you, B, for this beautiful treat!

Cannoli are a Sicilian pastry dessert consisting of a fried pastry tube filled with a sweet creamy filling such as ricotta or custard. This year’s Corica’s cannoli were half filled with vanilla custard, half with chocolate custard. You could see the team’s eyes light up at the sight and sweet smell of these yummy things!


I love cannoli, not just for their delicious taste, but also for their wonderful textures – the crispy fried pastry shell and the soft, smooth, creamy custard. B stored the box of cannoli in the fridge when she got to work, so there was an added pleasure: cold custard – I love custard cold when it’s perfectly smooth and creamy. It’s the same kind of pleasure I get eating any cold creamy dessert – tiramisu, banana pudding or even ice cream.


The chocolate custard looked nicely dark brown, a rich chocolatey custard. When I look at that custard, I am so tempted to stick my finger into it!

Cannoli - chocolate custard close-up

It’s always hard to decide which filling I enjoy most – vanilla custard?

Cannoli - vanilla custard end

Or chocolate custard? This year, I think the vanilla won! But they were both wonderful. We finished morning tea with tell-tale cannoli icing sugar trails on our clothes and faces.

Cannoli - chocolate custard end

My sister Juji and I talked about our love for cannoli with Conor from Hold the Beef at the Largesse dinner at Restaurant Amusé (of COURSE we would be talking about food while eating food! :D) and one of the things we discussed was why cannoli pastry is so good. Two things: because it’s fried (and let’s face it, most fried things taste good) and because many recipes for cannoli pastry include lard. Yep, lard. And I savour every indulgent morsel, once a year.

Corica Pastries
106 Aberdeen Street
Northbridge WA 6003
Telephone: (08) 9328 8196‎

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