Strawberry sorbet, Freshpict Strawberry Farm, Albany

One of the things I was very keen to do while we were in Albany was visit a strawberry farm.

Since we didn’t have dessert at Nippers Cafe, we had the perfect excuse to visit Freshpict Strawberry Farm and try their strawberry sorbet.

Freshpict Strawberry Farm entrance

I had hoped for a tour of (or at least a brief look at) the farm and it would’ve been fun to pick our own strawberries in a strawberry field, but when we arrived it seemed that all there was to do was follow the sign and visit the strawberry shop, located in a big shed. Note: even during shop opening hours, the shed’s sliding door may be shut, giving the appearance that the shop is closed when it’s not.

The strawberry shop is in this shed (entrance to the left)

Inside the shed were a couple of tables with various products for sale – strawberry jam, strawberry vinegar, strawberry dessert sauce and freshly picked strawberries, which people were enthusiastically buying by the box. The place smelled wonderfully of strawberries.

I went straight to the freezer to check out the sorbet. It’s made on the farm and you can buy it in tubs or by the cone. We each had a cone (AU$4 for two scoops). Jac had a scoop of strawberry and a scoop of strawberry & blueberry. I had a scoop of strawberry and a scoop of strawberry & lemon. They usually have four sorbet varieties – on the day we were there they were out of strawberry & orange.

Since there was nowhere to sit and eat our sorbet, we went back to the car. The sorbet was beautiful – cold, sweet, refreshing and smooth, with the odd crunch of tiny strawberry pips reminding us it had been made with real fruit. It smelled fantastically of fresh strawberries. The tangy pale pink lemon & strawberry was my favourite. If you’re a fan of strawberries or sorbet, it’s worth a visit for sure.

Strawberry sorbets from Freshpict Strawberry Farm

Strawberry sorbet at Freshpict Strawberry Farm, AU$4 for per cone, 2 scoops

Strawberry is my favourite berry. What’s your favourite berry?

Freshpict Strawberry Farm

382 Chester Pass Rd, Albany (1.6 km from the edge of town)
Telephone: (08) 9842 9029
Mobile: 0419 937 385

During strawberry season (November to April/May, weather-dependent)
Shop hours: 8am to 4pm. Open everyday except Sunday, Christmas day and New Year’s day (the shop will be closed also if they have completely run out of strawberries)
Out of strawberry season: open by appointment

Get a great map of Albany from the Albany Visitor Centre at the Old Railway Station on Proudlove Parade. There’s also a Freshpict Strawberry Farm cardboard flyer with all the details available at the Visitor Centre.

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More holiday memories of strawberry sorbet…

I enjoyed a wonderful strawberry sorbet on our previous holiday in Canberra at Ottoman Cuisine.

More for berry fans

There’s a blueberry farm to check out (we didn’t make it on this occasion): Eden Gate Blueberry Farm, at 685 Eden Road, Youngs Siding, Albany. You can pick your own blueberries (December to February) or buy frozen throughout the year, and buy all kinds of blueberry products. But what sounds most appealing to me are their freshly baked blueberry muffins and handmade ice cream made with fresh blueberries and local eggs. The blueberry farm is definitely on my list for my next visit. Visit their website for more info:

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