Azuma Patisserie, Sydney

On the Night of the Tuna Jaw during which we seem to talk about nothing else but food, Helen also tells us about Azuma Patisserie, located in Regent Place arcade on George Street, Sydney. She begins by asking: "Do you guys like chiffon cake?" Juji's and my eyes sparkle as we answer together: "Oh YES!"

The next day, after we return from Cabramatta, Jay takes a much-needed afternoon nap while Juji and I embark on a chiffon cake quest.

Azuma Patisserie's housemade chiffon cakes are available in five flavours: honey, earl grey tea, green tea, chocolate and plain. Whipped cream is an extra 50 cents (we didn't need it).

Chiffon Cake Set sign

In addition to chiffon cake, there are beautifully delicate single-serve desserts and pastries including creme brulee, panna cotta, tiramisu, baked cheesecake, yuzu tart and green tea swiss roll. Frozen yoghurt is also available, in original and green tea flavours.

Chiffon cakes and pastries

As well as the usual tea and coffee variations, Azuma Patisserie offers Japanese-style teas and coffees including buckwheat tea, several blends of green tea, matcha latte and iced versions.

Azuma Patisserie & Cafe, Sydney

Juji and I order a chiffon set (chiffon cake + drink). She gets the coffee, we share the cake. We're served a slab of pillowy cake that's wonderfully light, airy and fluffy. It melts in the mouth and, to our delight, is not too sweet.

Chocolate chiffon cake

After this first taste, I'm left craving for more. Juji doesn't need much convincing to return. On our second visit, Jay is with us.

I only have eyes for chiffon cake but the others order different things this time.

Throughout our stay in Sydney, we see posters on shop windows advertising Pat & Sticks ice cream sandwiches, which we've never seen in Perth. Juji and Jay order a Pat & Sticks Mochaccino ice cream sandwich to share - espresso ice cream between choc fudge cookies. I'm not a fan of ice cream sandwiches myself (not keen on the texture of the frozen cookie), but the espresso ice cream is lovely.

Pat & Sticks Mochaccino ice cream sandwich

Juji and Jay also share a baked cheesecake. It's moist and delicious, golden with browned edges, a sunburst in crinkly silver patty paper.

Baked cheesecake

I order a slice of "plain" chiffon cake. It may be called "plain" but tastes beautiful, with the same pillowy texture as the chocolate chiffon.

Chiffon cake - original flavour

Juji and Jay enjoy a macchiato and iced chocolate and me, an iced matcha, intensely green and refreshing, though unsweetened and quite bitter.

It's a gorgeous cafe, a chiffon cake haven in an arcade. Definitely worth a visit for chiffon cake fans.

It's cake I want all to myself. If I ever return to Azuma Patisserie I know what I'll be suggesting to my companion(s): "Why don't we get a slice each?"

Azuma Patisserie, Sydney

Stay tuned for a write-up of dinner at Chef's Gallery, also located in Regent Place, later in my Sydney series.

Regent Place, 501 George St, Sydney

Azuma Patisserie & Cafe Opening hours:
Monday to Thursday 12pm to 10pm
Friday and Saturday 12pm to 10.30pm
Sunday 12pm to 9pm

Azuma Patisserie chef/owner Kimitaka Azuma also has a restaurant next door in Regent Place, Azuma Kushiyaki.

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