BBQ meat combo - the lot (AU$30)

Lunch at Good One BBQ, Victoria Park

We caught up with our friend Murray recently over lunch at Good One BBQ in Victoria Park.

Spring rolls aren’t listed on the lunch menu, but Murray had a craving and for this bona fide Chinese restaurant, frying up some spring rolls for lunch was no problem. We were initially a little taken aback when they arrived, however – they were the gnarliest, ugliest spring rolls we’ve been served in a Chinese restaurant. They looked like the sad old leftovers from a lunch bar bain marie, sitting next to the shriveled fried dim sim which only the most desperate person with the munchies would buy, but we were surprised, because boy, they were tasty! The prawn crackers however, belonged in the bin with my imaginary fossilised dim sim. They were stale and rubbery – the only blip in an otherwise satisfying meal (no, the beaten-up spring rolls were not a blip).

Spring rolls

The salted fish and chicken fried rice(AU$13) is moreish and highly recommended. You can see and really taste the tiny pieces of brown salted fish.

Salted fish and chicken fried rice

The spinach with chilli and bean curd sauce (AU$11) is a very home-style dish with no frills – actually, that’s the case with all the dishes – just a plate of juicy, vividly green leaves and stalks. I could taste the chilli but I’m not sure where bean curd came into it.

Spinach with chilli and bean curd sauce

We shared a bowl of roast duck rice porridge (AU$10.50), which contained a decent amount of duck meat and skin and had an excellent consistency. It was Murray’s first encounter with Chinese rice porridge and he loved it, going back for more. I’ve been spoiled by my mum’s porridge which is always well salted, cooked with meaty bones and homemade peppery pork balls – Mum’s is still the best – but a sprinkle of pepper and drizzle of soy sauce into this duck porridge and I was pretty happy.

Serving up roast duck porridge

We find it difficult to choose just one, two or three of the BBQ meats, so if there are enough of us to eat them, the best option is “The lot” for $30. BBQ pork, roast pork, roast duck and roast chicken, all shiny and succulent, chopped to order by a cleaver-wielding, toque-wearing chef at the front of the restaurant. It’s laid proudly on roasted peanuts, stacked neatly to form a meaty tanker, served with ginger sauce and chilli oil.

BBQ combination - the lot (AU$30)

1 2 3 4: which meat do you choose first? In addition to craving spring rolls, Murray was in a roast duck place that day. Me, I always go for roast pork first.

M's plate

After eating my share of the meat tank I tend to feel a little remorseful – I grapple with similar feelings after I’ve just eaten KFC – but the once-in-a-while pleasure is worth the guilty, I mean greasy lips.

Another good one! Yes, I’m referring to the meal, not that joke.

Good One BBQ Chinese Restaurant
808 Albany Highway
East Victoria Park WA 6101
Telephone: (08) 9472 4354
Opening hours
Monday, Wednesday to Sunday 10.30am to 10pm
Closed on Tuesdays

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  • Ingrid


    They don’t call you the Food Pornographer for nothing. That is some serious porn there….should have come with a XXX warning, not suitable for the kiddies LOL.

    Oh well, I know where I’m going for my next food jaunt :)

    • :D Cheers, Ingrid. I reckon this is definitely suitable for the kiddies though :P You can never be too young to appreciate pictures of delicious shiny juicy BBQ meats. :)

  • Craig Hind

    You knew it was coming didn’t you?

    That char siu looks amazing. We will go to Good One next time we are in Perth. I think I’ve said that before actually!

    • Yep. I was waiting for you to see this post as I knew it would be right up your alley. :D Definitely, we will take you to Good One when you are next in Perth.

  • Jon N

    The fried rice and BBQ meats look fantastic! The spinach is definitely missing the bean curd or they just put enough to make a really thin sauce. I would take Chinese BBQ any day over KFC. Ours is really bad; hey pre-fry the chicken and keep it in warmers for most of the day. :P

  • Wen Yang Lee

    Roastsssssssss and I am salivating already! Great pics TFP :)! Keep up the great work!

  • Dianne Bortoletto

    Great post Cynthia, and your blog is looking awesome. I might have to give those guys at Servved a call…. (one day!) x

  • Now this is MY kinda meal. Hearty, simple, fuss free and meat galore. That plate of salted fish and chicken fried rice looks SO good, really is one of my fav Fried Rice to eat. Craving roast meat now! =D

  • Dea

    How yummy does that fried rice look? I love the taste of salted fish in fried rice and to me, it is real comfort food. I love my roast duck and I usually attack it pretty fast if sharing a platter of roast meats with family or friends. I love the juicy, fatty duck skin and usually am pretty good at resisting it, but sometimes you have to eat what you have to eat.

  • Fabulous post. My husband and I have been going to this restaurant for years.. we now live a good 20minutes away and we still like to make the pilgrimage. You weren’t wrong… seriously craving roast pork, duck and plum sauce now.