Mushroom Mania 2013: Delisio Pizza Romana, Subiaco

When we popped into Delisio Pizza Romana on Saturday, there were three pizzas featuring mushrooms. In the spirit of Mushroom Mania, we tried them all for lunch.

DSC_9928Choose from the pizzas on display and order at the counter.


The pride and joy of Delisio is their famous mushroom trio, champion at the 2008 World Gourmet Pizza competition in Las Vegas. It features white wine and button mushrooms, marinated Italian wild mushrooms (chiodini and famigliole), topped with crumbled ricotta and parsley.

Crumbling ricotta over the mushroom trio pizzaWe didn’t mind waiting 5 extra minutes for the finishing touches to be added to the mushroom trio… Such shiny shiny mushrooms.

The pizzas are all around AU$6 per slice. Since we’d skipped breakfast, we were pretty hungry and ordered 4 different slices to share. I’ve never been a huge fan of ricotta (apart from baked ricotta cheesecake) but I’d eat this again for those juicy Italian wild mushrooms. Definitely one for mushroom lovers.

DSC_9904-5Mushroom trio (AU$6). Our 4 pizza slices were each served cut in half for easy sharing.

We also shared the sausage and mushroom, with tomato base and mozzarella cheese, Italian sausage ripped into meatballs, a generous amount of sliced button mushrooms and parsley.

Sausage and mushroom (front); mushroom trio (back) Sausage and mushroom (front, AU$6); mushroom trio (back)

The mushroom and four cheese pizza had a special seasonal touch: truffle. Although they called it “four cheese”, when I asked what the cheeses were, the Delisio guys confessed there were actually more than four cheeses on the pizza: Provolone, Parmesan, Pecorino, and two of my favourites, Gorgonzola and Swiss. No complaints from us – in fact, as much as I loved the wild Italian mushrooms on the mushroom trio, this cheesy slice was my favourite out of the three mushroom pizzas.

Mushroom and four cheese pizza (front, AU$6); meatlovers (back) Mushroom and four cheese pizza (front, AU$6); meatlovers (back)

Although we had a mushroom agenda today, our carnivorous tendencies could not be ignored, and we couldn’t resist sharing a slice of meatlovers pizza too.

DSC_9916-2Meatovers (left, AU$6); mushroom and four cheese pizza (right)

We really liked the pizzas – simple topping combinations on a thin, crisp crust made with minimal yeast. The end and corner pieces are puffier and have more chew to them (I love edge pieces, Jac doesn’t). I’d much rather have decent portions of fewer toppings than teeny tiny everything on a supreme with 17 toppings. You can see and taste the mushroom in all its glory on these pizzas; I’ve previously bought pizza from the big chains, paid for mushrooms as an additional topping and been disappointed with the pathetic wafer-thin specks supposed to pass as the mushrooms. I’ve learned my lesson.

DSC_9917The dine-in area is small and felt crowded yesterday with just half the seats occupied. All the pizza talk from the front counter just made me want to eat more pizza.

I love Delisio’s bright decor. It made me wish I’d brought LEGO to play with in the corner as I munched on my pizza.

DSC_9933-2Note: the sign that says ‘Watch your head’ is not for decoration! I learned that the hard way – ouch!

Cutlery is supplied but we picked up our pizza with our fingers. It’s the joy of good pizza.

Delisio Pizza Romana, SubiacoThere are more seats outside the shop – your best option if you’ve got a pram.

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Delisio Pizza Romana
Churchill Avenue (corner of Rokeby Road)
Subiaco WA 6008
Telephone: (08) 9381 7796
Opening hours
Monday and Tuesday 8am to 4pm
Wednesday to Saturday 8am to 10pm
Closed on Sunday
Menu features pizza (whole or by the slice) and pasta
Dine-in or takeaway

Delisio is also in Perth city, at Shop 45 Carillon Arcade and enex 100 at 100 St Georges Terrace.

Delisio Subiaco on Urbanspoon

TFP and Jac dined at Delisio Pizza Romana with compliments of the Australian Mushroom Growers Association as part of Mushroom Mania month. All opinions expressed are our own. Thanks to reader Amanda for suggesting we try the mushroom trio pizza.

About Mushroom Mania, July 2013

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    This was the second out of my three posts for Mushroom Mania 2013. See the first: The Crowded House, South Fremantle. One more to come!

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