Short stories: Alfred’s Kitchen, Guildford

Alfred’s Kitchen in Guildford is a legend in Perth, famous for its burgers and secret recipe pea and ham soup – open for dinner, supper and attacks of the late night munchies. Join the queue, place your order and wait for your number to be called.

It’s a roadside takeaway joint, utilitarian and slightly grungy, with wooden benches and an open fire out front. Behind the shop, the Midland train trundles past. To be honest, it’s not the most comfortable place to eat, especially because it’s so popular – there are no tables, and if all the seats are taken, you’ll just have to stand, or eat in your car, because let’s face it, you’ll want to tuck into your burger while it’s hot, fresh and at the peak of deliciousness.

We picked up our mates from Perth domestic airport on a Friday night and took them straight to Alfred’s. Waiting wasn’t so bad, as we had lots to chat about. Once the burgers were in our hands, the wait was forgotten and the talking temporarily became a lot less important.

DSCF1038Friend Craig’s hamburger with cheese and bacon

Does Alfred’s deserve its reputation? Well, Jac’s Hawaiian Special (ham, egg, cheese, pineapple and mayo salad) could’ve used more ham, but for the rest of us, all smiles and no complaints. Caroline had the hamburger with cheese (“wonderful”); Craig, the cheese and bacon hamburger (“pretty damn good!”); me, the hamburger with egg and pineapple (“Oh yeeeaah, baby!”). It’s hard to beat a well constructed, well cooked hamburger, and at the risk of overloading on superlatives, the beef pattie was superbly juicy, flavoursome and seriously one of the best I’ve tasted in a while. We also shared a serving of nicely cooked chips. I haven’t stopped thinking about that burger since my first bite, and as usual, I’m already visualising my next visit.

Are you an Alfred’s fan?

Alfred’s Kitchen
James Street (near corner of Meadow Street), Guildford – see Alfred’s Kitchen map
Open 5pm to midnight Sunday to Thursday, 5pm to 2am Friday and Saturday

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I’ve also written about our visit that same weekend to Run Amuk Hotdogs Unleashed.


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  • Linda

    I am definitely an Alfred’s fan. I was introduced to Alfred’s by co-workers when we used to go there after late night Dial-A-Dino’s shifts in my teens over 20 years ago. I still go there today as I don’t live far away but it is less 3am visits now. I am more likely to be there early with my nephews for dinner before the crowds get there. I like that my teenage nephew at 16 gets to go there, exactly like I did as a teenager.

    • Linda,
      It’s great that a place like this is still going. I’d love for my nieces and nephews to go to my favourite places when they are teenagers, but who knows how many will still be around…

  • Craig Hind

    LOL. “Pretty Damn Good” is what I said, but it still reminds me of Pulp Fiction and the Big Kahuna Burger. That *is* a tasty burger.

    Alfred’s was great, and thanks for taking us there. I think it’s going to have to be a regular late night stop now after arriving in Perth. :-) I’m sure you won’t argue with that though.

    • Craig, post-airport pickup trip to Alfred’s can certainly be arranged again. ;)

  • girlfromaamchimumbai

    I only have 3 word’s drool drool drool. The burger looks sooooo good. I think sometimes you just need a burger. Too bad I will have to take a 2 hour road trip to eat this :)

    • Hahaha. Yes, sometimes when you really crave a burger, nothing else hits the spot quite so perfectly.

  • Dea

    they look delicious. aside from fast food joints and fancy gourmet burgers here in Singapore, there aren’t many options for a good fresh beefy burger here. Wish there were more options for burger lovers like me! I did, however, recently eat a really yummy and hefty beef, blue cheese, pear and rocket burger with a delicious peanut butter sauce recently. With spam fries. SPAM FRIES. You would totally die for those.

    • Dea! SPAM fries!!!!! ARGH!!!! I’d love to try them!

      • Dea

        You would absolutely go nuts. They serve it with kaffir lime aioli! We also asked for sweet chilli (it’s a Singaporean habit I cannot kick) and they were delish dipped in both sauces. It’s mad I tell you.

    • Cindy M

      Peanut butter sauce…hmmm. :-) I love PB. And **Spam** fries?? :-D I’d try those; I do like Spam (most Americans don’t).

  • Cindy M

    I like the very colorful menu board. Very eye-catching. I’m betting they butter and grill the buns.

  • Gavin Muthukumaraswamy

    Alfreds is a favorite in our family, since moving to close by, I too go for the Hamburger with egg and pineapple, but I like a bit of cheese too ;-)

  • Lyn – A Hole in my Shoe

    Cythia thanks for allowing us to share your photo on our Perth Itinerary post.