Mr Bun, Murray Street, Perth

I’ll admit – my friend Prez and I hadn’t planned to grab lunch at Mr Bun. We’d gone to Noodle Forum in Equus Arcade and left our run too late again – it was absolutely packed, and we didn’t fancy waiting. Prez mentioned this little Chinese place nearby she’d noticed recently. Serendipity.

Mr Bun has been open a little over a month now, selling Northwestern Chinese takeaway food on a dingy section of Murray Street, just off the Barrack Street end of the mall. It’s “Chinese famous food”, according to the sign, which features a cartoon steamed bun with a crooked smile. There are just three tables for two. Order and pay at the counter, cash only. It’s simple decor and no-frills food. The menu is small and features items not commonly found at Chinese restaurants in Perth.

Prez ordered the cold skin noodles, which sounds like a dish from a zombie theme party. Don’t let the name put you off – the noodles are handmade using wheat flour. They had a great chewy texture and were very tasty. Prez chose the spicy option, which had a pleasant zing and slow afterburn but nothing that would make a chilli champion’s nose run.

Cold skin noodles (AU$4.20) Cold skin noodles, or Liang Pi (which means ‘cold skin’) (AU$4.20)

I chose the ‘classic’ Chinese burger, a slightly greasy, hot and crispy flatbread bun filled with tender pulled pork with a little fat through it – all meat, no greenery whatsoever – totally my kind of sandwich. If Mr Bun opened earlier, I’d be grabbing a Chinese burger for breakfast before work.

Chinese burger - classic (pork, AU$4.50) Chinese burger – classic (pork, AU$4.50)

We shared a couple of steamed buns – pork and chicken. Not as good as my grandma used to make, but soft and pillowy like homemade, with a decent amount of filling. They were out of red bean buns, which was a shame – that would’ve been perfect for dessert.

Steamed pork bun and chicken bun (AU$2.50 each) Steamed pork bun and chicken bun (AU$2.50 each)

The smiley man who served us (“No, I’m not Mr Bun”) told us they plan to expand the menu soon. I’ll be back for more Mr Bun fun, as I want to try the other Chinese burgers (beef and lamb). But I’ll be grappling with my Chinese burger cravings for a couple more weeks – Mr Bun’s currently on holidays, from 18 January to 3 Feb 2014.

He's not Mr Bun He’s not Mr Bun

Mr Bun, Murray Street Mr Bun, Murray Street

Mr Bun
148 Murray Street, Perth
Monday to Thursday 9am to 7pm
Friday 9am to 9pm
Saturday and Sunday 11am to 5pm
Note: Mr Bun’s currently on holidays, from 18 January to 3 Feb 2014

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  • Mmm, I just adore pillowy soft Chinese steamed buns. I like red bean as well, not to mention custard too!

  • Wen Yang Lee

    Woooo! It seems like we are soon going to have our very own Wonder Bao in Perth :)!

  • Craig Hind

    Ooh that food looks yummy. The noodles look interesting – I’d give them a try.

    Of course now I have the song for Mr Plow in my head. :-)

  • Helen (grabyourfork)

    I’d like to ask every person who asks there “Wait.. are *you* Mr Bun?”. lol

    • My mum always asked questions at restaurants while we kids squirmed with embarrassment.
      At a Spanish restaurant, to the waiter: “Are you Spanish?” (“No, I’m Swiss.”)
      At a Swedish restaurant, to the waiter: “Are you Swedish?” (“No, I’m Polish”.)
      At a Japanese restaurant, to the waiter: “Are you Japanese?” (‘No, I’m from Singapore.” “HAH!” Mum said, triumphant. “I thought so!”

  • Nicole Jackson

    Love it when you have these spur of the moment meals.

  • girlfromaamchimumbai

    The food does look good, would love to go and try it.

  • Stephen Robson

    I followed your recommendation and as always your advice did not disappoint .
    “Mr Bun” informs me that “he no do bun anymore just noodle huh” I will admit the beef noodles were delicious and plentiful but it was a shame about the buns as I was looking forward to them.
    I look forward to my next bowl of noodles at “Mr NO buns”

    • Stephen, what a shame no more buns! Sadly, I’ve now moved office back to East Perth so I won’t get the chance to eat lunch at Mr NO Buns until I’m on leave.