Two bakeries and a half-laundromat – three cafes in Hobart, Tasmania

Here are just three out of many cool cafes and bakeries in Hobart. It’s the usual holiday story: it’s impossible to eat, drink and do everything that you want to. We’ll just have to return to Hobart, won’t we? Feel free to share your favourite Hobart cafe in the comments.

Machine Laundry Cafe

As its name suggests, this place is half cafe, half laundromat, and while I attacked my bacon and eggs, people did actually shuffle in to the laundromat side, stick their coins into washing machines and do their laundry. We had breakfast here with our friends Craig and Caroline on our final morning together in Hobart – they went home to Sydney a couple of days before Jac and I went home to Perth.

The laundry The laundromat

The coffee was good, but the cute yellow cups were small. We drained our dolly cups in record time and had to order a second round.

There’s no fry-up, but you can design your own by ordering free range eggs (scrambled or poached) with your choice of toast (sourdough, seeded or gluten-free) for AU$10, then choose from a list of sides. Nice to be able to pick exactly what you want, but it could get pricey if you like a big breakfast. Craig and I are both bacon and haloumi fans, so our plates were quite similar. Craig chose scrambled eggs on sourdough (AU$10) and added pork and sundried tomato chipolatas ($4), bacon ($4) and grilled haloumi ($3.50), total of AU$21.50. I had scrambled eggs on sourdough (AU$10), bacon (AU$4) and grilled haloumi (AU$3.50). The eggs and bacon were generous servings; the haloumi squeaked as we chewed (as it should). No butter on the toast, though.

Caroline ordered the ricotta hotcakes – a short stack topped with chocolate fudge, raspberries and candied pistachio crumbs with a side of clotted cream (AU$16). Although I rarely choose a sweet breakfast, the fudge smelled great to me from across the table and I kept eyeing off that thick splodge of cream in its dish.

Jac’s Fat Boy was a roti parcel of grilled chicken, bacon, tomato, iceberg lettuce, doused with spicy peanut sauce. Fat Boy was certainly not a Handsome Boy, and after the first few bites, the parcel unravelled and rapidly became Ugly Boy as it collapsed into a saucy, lumpy mess. It tasted OK, according to Jac, but wasn’t something she’d rush to order again.

We were among the first to arrive and got a seat around retro chairs at one of the Formica tables inside, but by the time we left, the place was pumping inside and outside. You can always play big chess while you wait.

Machine Laundry Cafe
Shop 12, Salamanca Square
Hobart, TAS 7004
Telephone: (03) 6224 9922

Scrambled eggs on sourdough toast (AU$10), pork and sundried tomato chipolatas ($4), bacon ($4) and grilled haloumi ($3.50) Scrambled eggs on sourdough toast (AU$10), pork and sundried tomato chipolatas ($4), bacon ($4) and grilled haloumi ($3.50)

Scrambled eggs with sourdough toast (AU$10), bacon ($4) and grilled haloumi (AU$3.50) Scrambled eggs with sourdough toast (AU$10), bacon ($4) and grilled haloumi (AU$3.50)

Ricotta hotcakes with chocolate fudge, raspberries and candied pistachio crumbs with a side of cream (AU$16) Ricotta hotcakes with chocolate fudge, raspberries and candied pistachio crumbs with a side of cream (AU$16)

Fat Boy (AU$17) - roti wrapped with grilled chicken, bacon, tomato, iceberg lettuce and spicy peanut sauce Fat Boy (AU$17) – roti wrapped with grilled chicken, bacon, tomato, iceberg lettuce and spicy peanut sauce

Coffee Soy flat white (AU$4)



Jackman & McRoss

We took a walk to Jackman & McRoss for afternoon tea. It’s a fantastic bakery cafe in a quiet street in Battery Point with a wonderful assortment of light meals, little cakes, tarts and slices, and crusty loaves on shelves dusty with flour. I chose a chocolate eclair filled with fluffy cream, and Jac chose a chocolate Frangelico tart, with a white chocolate Frangelico mousse in chocolate ganache-lined pastry, topped with crunchy chopped hazelnuts. To go with our sweet treats, two cups of strong, creamy coffee. On another trip to Hobart, I’d like to return for lunch. I envy all those people living in houses a short stroll away – I wish I had a bakery like this in my neighbourhood, though I’d look very ‘prosperous’ (as my mum would say) in no time.

Jackman & McRoss
57 Hampden Road
Battery Point TAS 7004
Telephone:(03) 6223 3186



DSCF7371Chocolate eclair

DSCF7376Chocolate Frangelico tart





DSCF7392Jackman & McRoss

Daci & Daci Bakers

We walked past French bakery cafe Daci & Daci several times during our stay and peered greedily through the Christmas puddings hanging in the front window. Jac and I had breakfast there on our final morning in Hobart. It was very busy and we were lucky to snag one of the last two free tables outside. I joined the queue inside to place our order. I changed my mind several times as I gazed into the glorious display case, tempted and tortured, ravenously coveting all the pastries. In the end I chose a chicken, leek and white wine pie. Jac was in the mood for a toasted sandwich and the ham and Gruyere did the trick nicely. My pie was slightly scorched on the edges but still flaky and delicious, with tender chunks of chicken, peas and leeks in a tasty white wine sauce. Both came served with mixed salad leaves lightly dressed with vinaigrette – a balanced breakfast!

Daci & Daci Bakers
11 Murray Street
Hobart TAS 7000
Telephone: (03) 6224 9237


DSCF7404The display case is right there tempt and torment you while you queue to place your order

DSCF7409Pissaladiere originated in Nice, Southern France




Ham and gruyere toasted sandwich Ham and gruyere toasted sandwich, made with two large square slabs of bread

Chicken, leek and white wine pie (AU$9 takeaway, $12.50 eat here) Chicken, leek and white wine pie (AU$9 takeaway, $12.50 eat here)


DSCF7441Christmas puddings hanging in the window – the best mobile ever

Daci & Daci Daci & Daci Bakers

About this series

In December 2013, my partner Jac and I went on holiday – 3 nights in Melbourne, then 3 nights in Launceston (Jac, to stay with a friend) and King Island (me, for a photographic safari with our friends Craig and Caroline), and finally, Hobart for 6 nights. This trip was not sponsored in any way.

This is the final post in the Hobart series. The full list of posts is below:

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  • Sadiepix

    I have never seen pricing like that, where it costs a different amount to eat a baked good in a shop vs. taking it out/home with you. Seems backwards to me as well, that it would cost more to eat it there (when you most likely would also be ordering other items like beverages), thereby upping what you are spending at the shop vs. getting a single thing to take away. Is this common?
    The pastries look amazing though, and I’d never be able to chose just one when confronted with cases full of those tasty options!
    Great post as always, can’t wait for more America posts, if only so I can say “yep, that’s us, glad you liked it!” :D

    • Some places do the dine in/takeaway separate pricing in Australia – not all. I’ve always presumed it costs more to dine in to cover the cost of running the restaurant that you are sitting in e.g. power, water, wait staff wages. I’ve never asked a restaurateur about the rationale behind it.
      Haha, yep, more America posts coming. I just wish I could write more quickly, but I want to tell the story properly.

  • Those two bakeries have my mouth watering – I can almost taste buttery flaky pastry in my mouth as I look at the photos! I particularly like the look of the pissaladieres, they almost look like a blend of savoury and sweet!

    • Those pissaladieres looked amazing. They’re pretty big – I’ll have to convince Jac to split one with me next time. And then we can have something sweet as well afterwards.

  • Cindy M

    I love the name: Machine Laundry Cafe. Seriously. That is just so cool. :-) The scrambled eggs look perfectly cooked, and I can almost smell those sausages. :-D Ricotta hotcakes with all those added yummies: Wow! Couldn’t be *breakfast* for me (I’d be on the floor; can’t have sugar in early a.m.), but otherwise?? Yeah! I’ve never had clotted cream, but would love to try it.

    The bakeries: Yeah, if those were close to me, I’d be looking REALLY prosperous too. ;-) Such gorgeous tarts; those which look like golden balls on pastry topped with a chocolate ripple have me curious (can’t read its little sign). That eclair…I want to attack it!! Peach and white chocolate curd tart…opera cake…the baked meringue on those tarts…GAAAA!! Give me a gallon of skim milk and let me at it all!!! :-D


    Well, that was almost better than sex (don’t tell my husband I said that).

    Tasmania; seems such an exotic place. Glad you and Jac enjoyed.

    • Cindy, I don’t mind something sweet at breakfast but there’s got to be savoury as well – e.g. I’d order pancakes with maple syrup and bacon, but never pancakes with berries and cream. I thought you’d enjoy the pictures of the pastries/tarts etc – didn’t know HOW MUCH! ;) Your bread pudding with salted caramel topping sounds fantastic!

  • Craig Hind

    Ah the memories! The bacon, the halloumi and the porkies. Yes a good meal eaten while watching people clean their undies. :-) I’d go back, especially after reading about it again.

    Talking about the different pricing for dining in, I’ve seen that before but it’s not a particularly common practice, although I remember first seeing that at a McDonalds in England many years ago, so it’s clearly not limited to Australia. Whether it still happens there I don’t know.

    • Yeah… I’ve seen the different pricing in a couple of places, but not many. It makes sense to me in some circumstances.

  • Helen (grabyourfork)

    Surely the Fat Boy should involve fried chicken, not grilled :) Can’t take my eyes off those ricotta hotcakes either. Yum!