Lalla Rookh Bar & Eating House, Perth CBD

A couple of months ago, I had the best pasta dish I’ve eaten in a long, long time… the best pasta I’ve eaten in Perth. Lofty praise, I know. I don’t make this statement lightly.

It was a special, the pasta of the day, at Lalla Rookh. Shredded roast lamb cooked expertly by a meat lover for the pleasure of meat lovers, with fat left on and lamby juices coating fresh peas and sheets of house-made pasta. The texture of the pasta was phenomenal. I mopped the plate clean with foccacia. Afterwards, I dreamed about it. Dream pasta.

Handmade pasta with roasted lamb and fresh peas

I came back to Lalla Rookh for a lunch date with a friend, and all I could think about was pasta. This time, pappardelle with sugo di carne, meat sauce made with organic beef and free range pork. Nothing beats the texture of fresh, well made pasta.

Pappardelle with sugo di carne - organic  beef & free range pork ragu (AU$27) Pappardelle with sugo di carne – organic
beef & free range pork ragu (AU$27)

Don’t let my ravings suggest Lalla Rookh’s just good for pasta. My friend B enjoyed the organic beef carpaccio topped with smoked mushroom crumbs, and the piquant salad of cherry truss and pickled green tomatoes with buffalo mozzarella and grated bottarga di muggine (salted, pressed and dried grey mullet roe).

Organic beef carpaccio ‘cipriani’, smoked mushroom crumbs (AU$17) Organic beef carpaccio ‘cipriani’, smoked mushroom crumbs (AU$17).
I joked that the carpaccio must be magic – it disappeared so fast!

Salad of cherry truss & pickled green tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, green olive & bottarga di  muggine (AU$17) Salad of cherry truss & pickled green tomatoes,
buffalo mozzarella, green olive & bottarga di
muggine (AU$17)

This post is brought to you by the letter P – for pasta and for pannacotta. It tastes as beautiful as it looks. Dream pannacotta.

Pannacotta vera, roasted cocoa, walnut crumble (AU$14) Pannacotta Vera, roasted cocoa, walnut crumble (AU$14)


Next time, I plan to dine with mates who’ll share in ‘Il Capo’ with me – a chef’s selection of 6 share dishes for AU$58 per person. It’s gonna be great!

Lalla Rookh gets its name from a gold mine 50km northwest of Marble Bar, which itself was named after a Kalgoorlie showgirl.
Lalla Rookh Bar & Eating House
77 St Georges Terrace, Perth
Telephone: (08) 9325 7077

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  • I take your word about the lamb pasta – it does look extremely delicious. That pannacotta vera looks amazing too! :)

    • Padaek, both were amazing. At least the pannacotta is a regular menu item. :)

  • That pannacotta looks amazing! That syrup!

    • Haha, yes! Love the syrup, though the pannacotta is good enough to eat on its own.

  • Cindy M

    Wow. :-o Rarely does pasta catch my eye like these dishes!! I do like pasta generally, but these dishes are true eye-poppers. I can almost smell and taste!! :-) Beautifully done, too. ^_^ Can imagine myself pulling up a chair and, meat/tummy sensitivity be damned, going at it! The salad is beautifully presented too (buffalo moz?? hmmm), except I’d be picking out the green olives (hate olives). As for the pannacotta vera, it looks exactly like flan. Same thing? Its presentation SO lovely too. I’ll be there for your next meal! We’ll split the tab even-steven, how about it?? :-D

    • Cindy, I hate olives too, as you know! :) I’d say pannacotta is the Italian relative of flan. They have another cousin in French creme caramel. Not the same but with certain silky, wobbly similarities. Haha, if you’d be here, I’d shout (pay for) the next meal!

      • Cindy M

        I’ll try to be there! “Try” being the operative word (I can’t even get to Iowa in the past 15 years…). ;-)