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Bistro Guillaume, Crown Perth, Burswood

The baguette is slightly warm, with a craggy, crackly crust. I butter it with a carefree abandon that I’m certain the restaurant’s namesake chef would approve of. A sprinkle of salt, then a greedy bite into the bread and butter. Oh yes. I’ve been secretly studying the menu all week but am still deliciously bamboozled. […]

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Choux Cafe, Swanbourne

I’m always envious of people who live within walking distance of a good French bakery, who can quickly nip up the street at 7am to grab fresh croissants or hot sausage rolls for breakfast, or newly baked bread that’s got the crackly crust you just can’t get from a supermarket loaf. In this neighbourhood, there’s […]

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P’tite Ardoise Bistro, Highgate

P’tite Ardoise is a French bistro in Highgate, Perth, located in the space where Beaufort Street Steakhouse used to be, opposite the Brisbane Hotel. “P’tite Ardoise” means “little blackboard” or “little slate” in French, and the blackboard motif is used throughout the restaurant. The owners come from …

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