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Zoe’s Full Moon Celebration

In early April, my family held a “full moon” celebration for the newest member of the family, my niece Zoe, the second child of my brother and my sister-in-law. Regular and long-time readers will remember the full moon celebration we held for Ruby about a year and a half ago. Zoe’s full moon followed the […]

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Dad’s early birthday satay lunch

It was a big family weekend last weekend – on Sunday we got together again to celebrate my dad’s birthday with a satay lunch. Jac’s and my contribution to the meal were two fruit platters. We cut the fruit up and arranged the platters on Sunday morning, just before we left for my folks’ place. […]

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Satay night – the savoury

Last night Jac, our house guest VR and I went to my folks’ place for Satay Night. There were about twenty or so hungry people in attendance, including my siblings and their partners, my grandma, my brother’s mum-in-law, friends of my parents who are visiting from Malaysia and staying with them, and friends of my […]

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