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Christmas 2008 – breakfast

This year for Christmas, my family got together for breakfast at my parents’ home. We made breakfast very early – Jac and I got there by 7:30am – because all of us “kids” were having lunch with our partners’ families that day. My sister CW put together this lovely fruit platter, with plums, peaches, nectarines, […

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Stack of sweetness

So, what can a person do with leftover pikelets? Haha, yes, I know, eat them! I built myself a little stack of pikelets with banana, like this: the first pikelet, a little sliced banana, a drizzle of maple syrup, the second pikelet, more banana, another drizzle of maple syrup, the third pikelet, and a little […]

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Afternoon tea and a weekend alone

Last weekend on Saturday afternoon, Jac’s mum Pattycakes and her brother’s partner K came over. Jac and her family are going away for four days to stay in a house by the beach this coming weekend – I’m not going because: 1) we have too many people currently on leave at work, and I wasn’t […]

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