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Work lunches… crispy roast duck and farewell to Chad

Tuesday – the Noodle Box franchise has come to East Perth (118 Royal St). Here’s J’s Combo Box (small AU$8.50, regular $12.50), steaming hot. The Combo Box is supposed to include egg noodles, barbecue pork, chicken, beef, vegetables, prawn and shrimp in oyster sauce. J was disappointed to find she only got the tiny shrimps [&helli…

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Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner, 2006

Happy New Year! This year my sister CherryRipe was over from Sydney to be at the family reunion dinner. Since Mum and Dad were away at Christmas and we didn’t have a roast turkey, Mum decided to roast a turkey for Chinese New Year. She managed to buy a turkey for quite cheap (post-Christmas prices!) […]

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